Qogir Kvantum Theme

Kvantum by vinceliuice
Qogir KDE Kvantum Theme Qogir kde is a flat Design theme for KDE Plasma desktop. Recommendations For better looking please use this pack with:1.--Qogir Colors theme: https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1298431/ .2.--Qogir Plasma theme: https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1298357/ .3.--Qogir Aurorae theme:...
7 .6
Mar 11 2020

Kde-Story-Dark-Kvantum 1.0

Kvantum by l4k1
Transparent and Blur Dark KVANTUM ThemeThis Theme may be suitable for users of openSUSE, Manjaro, but also for all other users who like this color combination.Based on KvAdaptaDark by Tsu Jan: Here ___________________________Icons: Breeze KDE-Story-Dark : Here Icons: Breeze KDE-Story-Light ...
5 .0
Feb 27 2020

Glassy 1.0

Kvantum by pr0cella
Glassy - A transparent Kvantum themeFull repo with all themes: https://github.com/Pr0cella/glassy-kdeSuggested Settings:Kvantum theme: GlassyColors: GlassyAurorae theme (window decorations): GlassyKonsole colors: GlassyIcons: Papirus> Enable slight background blur in desktop effects to...
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6 .0
Jan 31 2020


Kvantum by Dannel
Granite is based on an old theme that I did some time ago for Pantheon.Aurorae theme:https://www.pling.com/p/1353484/I recommend use this with Helium:https://www.pling.com/p/998869/Based on KvAmbience by Tsu...
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6 .0
Jan 20 2020


Kvantum by skylineone044
My kvantum theme based on FlatBlur, which is based on Akava-KvA full black theme with bright blue accents and all of the background blur and transparencyRecommendation:- use the BreezeBlureed window decorations: https://github.com/alex47/BreezeBlurred- for best results make sure whatever plasma...
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5 .0
Jan 19 2020

Tzen-Light 0.5

Kvantum by phob1an
Part of Tzen-Light Global theme [https://www.pling.com/p/1341453/].
5 .0
Dec 15 2019

Midnight Bright Kvantum 1

Kvantum by saeed-baig
A brighter version of Midnight KDE's (by rokin05) Kvantum theme* Brighter text in windows/menubars/sidebars* Available in blue, green, purple, yellow and red
5 .0
Dec 09 2019

mojave CT 0.4.1

Kvantum by zayronXIO
Theme for kvantum whith apparence of macos mojave.the aurorae theme is the followinghttps://www.opendesktop.org/p/1288318/
7 .6
Dec 08 2019

Netrunner Indigo Kvantum 1.0

Kvantum by l33k
Netrunner Indigo Kvantum ThemeThe mixture of darker blue and lighter blue together with classic white like gray creates a pleasent to the eye look that matches the Breeze Icon theme without distracting your eyes
5 .0
Nov 27 2019

Gently Kvantum 1.0

Kvantum by hawkeye0021
A KDE Plasma theme with the intent of feeling gentle. I want the theme to be easy on the eyes, consistent, and clear. The theme is mostly based off of McMojave. The Plasma theme uses Materia icons with edited colors, and a few icons swapped in from other themes. The icon pack is Dexie-Korla,...
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5 .4
Nov 12 2019