The Ultimate Bashrc File 4.2

Various Gnome Stuff by inameiname
For those who love using the terminal, here is a '.bashrc' file I created, mainly for those who've had issues with their own. Hopefully it'll benefit those of whom love aliases, functions, and such. Probably more than you need, so modify all you want. I've organized it best I can to make it...
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Aug 27 2018

FireFox Gnome Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by Hemoo023
This is a bunch of CSS code to make Firefox 57+ look closer to GNOME's default theme. It styles the UI and internal Firefox' pages like about: and view-source:. Both light and dark variants are supported. The master branch is currently tracking Firefox 59. If you need support for older versions,...
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Apr 21 2018

Gnome 3.8 for Non GNOME DE

Various Gnome Stuff by Hemoo023
This is a .sh excutable file to install Gnome 3.8 on your DE (Desktop Environment) simply download the zip file and extract it and right click on the .sh file and go to properties and click allow executing as a program and then open up a terminal and type this cd (path to where you downloaded...
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Feb 25 2018

Elegant Brit Dark theme for Albert (omnilauncher) 1.0

Various Gnome Stuff by Vistausss
A dark theme for Albert (omnilauncher for Linux) based on Elegant Brit Based on Flat-Dark for Albert by jakejarret: https://github.com/jakejarrett/albert-themes
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Aug 10 2016

Hexchat Now Playing (Python3)

Various Gnome Stuff by yarra
Bit obvious what it does.
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Mar 04 2016

METROluxWEB content-server

Various Gnome Stuff by COLOH
Announcement: With the newest mobile technology. Integrade apps in your desktop menu. jquery and html5 support to built apps for it. Standard Available in some METROlux-menu Professional versions. METROluxWEB content-server/viewer. No install needed! With multiple options: - view ,present and...
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Feb 10 2016

Sphere for FBReader 2

Various Gnome Stuff by ZMA
To install it, unpack it as root: /usr/local/share/pixmaps/FBReader (FreeBSD) Unpack as root in /usr/share/pixmaps/FBReader (Linux) Big themes icons Sphere - http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Sphere-1.2.5-v5%2B1.3?content=168960 Mod. icons potzblitz7. potzblitz7 -...
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Jan 06 2016

Hallgat Prompt (promt config) 1.0

Various Gnome Stuff by hallgat
This is my updated bash configuration. I removed the unnecessary info from the default bash and added the following features: Clock (only shown when a minute passes) Error code (only shown when the exit code is not 0) File count (only shown when changing a directory, folders are files too) File...
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Nov 21 2015

YAD Tempconverter 0.3

Various Gnome Stuff by soundrolf
Temperature conversion script that lets the user enter a temperature in Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin and receive the equivalent temperature in the other two units as the output. GUI made with YAD Yet Another Dialog - its a fork of zenity Get it from here...
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Nov 10 2015

ddGUI 1.1

Various Gnome Stuff by soundrolf
Graphical user interface for the dd command. It uses zenity and dd You have to make a menu entry for your desktop. Just put the script dd-gui.sh into /usr/local/bin and make it executable
Score 50.0%
Sep 17 2015