article management tool (Gambas) prototype

Database by armstrong
This was made as a prototype of an application, but is somehow usable (I'm using it at the moment).prerequisites:o an sql database (e.g. mysql)o the Gambas Basic IDEhttp://gambas.sourceforge.net/What's it for?If you have a small shop, where you're doing some kind of production (e.g. mounting...
5 .0
Apr 14 2005

dataKiosk 0.8 beta

Database by manyoso
DataKiosk is a JuK-like database interface tool for generic SQL databases. What does that mean? Essentially, DataKiosk provides a series of wizards (anyone familiar with Qt Designer's database wizards will find them familiar) that allow you to build a custom Juk-like interface for any SQL...
5 .0
Oct 03 2005

knoda 0.8.2

Database by knorr
Knoda is a database-frontend for DBase, Firebird, MS Access, Mysql,Paradox, Postgresql, SQLite and ODBC. Besidestables, queries and views knoda comprises forms and reports, which are scriptable via Python
5 .0
Oct 29 2006

Rekall 2.2.4

Database by miketa
Rekall is a database front end, originally commercial software from theKompany.com but now licensed under the GPL.Table design and view, forms and reports, queries, import and export, scriptable via Python. MySQL, PgSQL and XBase drivers avaialble.For commercial support see www.thekompany.com...
5 .0
Sep 27 2005

cdcat 2.2

Database by crissi
Cdcat is graphical (QT based) multiplatform (Linux / Windows / OS/X / OS/2) catalog program which scans the directories/drives you want and memorize the filesystem /including the tags of mp3's/ and store it in a small file. The database is stored in a gzipped XML format, so you can hack it, or...
7 .2
Jan 04 2013

ZodbAnalyzer 0.4

Database by incunabulum
Ever wondered what actually is stored in your Zope Object Database?.ZodbAnalyzer is a graphical (pyQT) tool that can be used to browse the ZODB and to analyze the content.ZodbAnalyzer:* can browse FileStorage ZODBs* shows a structural tree of all nested elements* shows for each element...
5 .0
May 30 2005

KRunning 0.5.3

Database by Jakarta
KRunning is a database manager to track your personal running (track, jogging, etc.) events. It prints all results and a document for each runner.
5 .0
Mar 11 2007

Kmysqladmin 0.7.2

Database by alwin
Kmysqladmin is a graphical frontend for administration of mysql servers.With a buildin script editor with syntax-highlighting you can process more complex script. A script generator is in work.It can:- Displaying and edit the contents of tables within a separate view. - export results of a...
5 .0
Jul 08 2005

OT2 1.0.1

Database by netraken
OT2 is a bonsai collection management software for *nix systems and windows, it helps you to manage your trees, your pots and your pictures. * Basics features o Unlimited number of trees and pots with their detailed characteristics. o Sort trees according to their...
5 .0
Aug 11 2006


Database by OderMalSo
MySQLoader is a small application for the systray to start and stop the MySQL-Server and launch the MySQL-Tools like MySQL-Query, MySQL-Administraror and MySQL-Workbench.Many thank's to Márcio Moraes for the brasilian portuguese translation.Many thank's to Henri Girard for the french...
6 .3
Jun 30 2011