Autohouse II 0.20

Database by croftj
Autohouse II is an invoicing and customer tracking application for small auto shops. It is build on Qt and uses the Postgresql database.
5 .0
Mar 08 2005

QtSQL Browser 0.85

Database by philb
The objective of this project is to provide a simple, generic GUI database browsing and querying frontend. The tool is a very simple aggregation of the Qt database classes. The database abstraction is provided by the Qt database drivers. As such, database portability is provided by and limitted...
5 .0
Jan 27 2005

konsultant 0.2

Database by umeboshi
Konsultant is a KDE application for a small team of consultants to manage clients, tickets, and projects. A working postgres server is required for operation. The design goal is to create both a working application, but also a simple application framework.
5 .0
Oct 03 2004

QErm 0.3a

Database by apt-drink
QErm is a Qt frontend for easy generation of the .txt files that ERM uses. ERM (Entity Relationship Model) is an application that generates web-based entity relationship diagrams (specified in text files). You can see examples here:http://bulmages.bulma.net/erm/And the original article and...
5 .0
May 03 2004