KidMP 0.4.0

Video Apps by bk12
KidMP is a media player primarily designed for kids. This application can be used while travelling to replace a portable DVD player.It has been designed to work well on a laptop in an environment where using the touchpad is difficult (think of a 5 year-old holding the laptop on his laps in the...
7 .2
Sep 03 2012

mtvcgui 1.1

Video Apps by sbruno
mtvcgui is a very simple graphical user interface for TV capture using the mplayer encoder (mencoder) written in python with qt4 libraries, using qtdesigner and PyQt4It allows the user to specify various parameters for the mencoder command line utility using separate widgets, but non covered...
5 .0
Aug 01 2012

Ez Youtube Clone v3.5.2 3.5.2

Video Apps by itechscripts2
Ez Youtube Clone v3.5.2is a ready Video sharing portal. you can easily install the script and launch your own Youtube like portal in moments. Visit http://itechscripts.com
4 .6
Jul 02 2012

qmediapla 1.11

Video Apps by ValdisB
Taken from Qt 4.x.x Demos.A little improoved, I hope.Enjoy, please
4 .3
May 27 2012

QPlayer 1.11

Video Apps by ValdisB
Taken from here (see bellow), a little improoved, I hope. Enjoy please.PSYou have to own codecs by yourself!
4 .3
May 27 2012

qmediaplayer 1.2

Video Apps by ValdisB
A little improoved Qt 4.x.x .Demosqmediaplayer variant.Not ideal, still, but works at least.
4 .6
May 26 2012

DeVeDe 3.22.0

Video Apps by rastersoft
Creates video DVDs, suitables for home players DeVeDe is a program to create video CDs and DVDs, suitables for home players, from any number of video files, in any of the formats supported by Mplayer.
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7 .9
May 22 2012

Desktop Recorder 0.2.0 Beta 4

Video Apps by Deluge
Desktop Recorder is a wxPython applications that runs in your system tray and uses FFMpeg to record video and audio from your desktop and microphone. This app is in beta stages so it probably has a lot of bugs and may not work on all systems depending on the hardware setup.Python 2.x and...
5 .0
May 06 2012

SMPlayer Joystick Control 1.0_beta

Video Apps by peer
The program allows to control SMPlayer using joystick.Work only on Linux!!!
5 .0
Jan 27 2012

QTFaceRec 1.0

Video Apps by sun11
A Face Recognition System based on QT and OpenCV
5 .8
Nov 22 2011