Video Apps by yuzem
A multimedia manager a little different from the rest. Written in bash and javascript, using html, css, jquery and sqlite, figuritas tries to be simple, lightweight and powerful.For the moment, it only handles movies, but the plan is to expand it to handle other media (music, pictures, comics,...
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Mar 08 2011

Eunektes 1.3.2

Video Apps by dwidmann
This program copies all streams from a DVD and muxes them into an mkv container. You can specify titles/chapters also. This results in a DVD quality, playable backup with all audio/subtitles included. Naturally, though it's fast and the quality is unchanged, the files are still quite huge, but...
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Jan 20 2011

rphMPFE 1.0.5

Video Apps by rupeshs
rphMPFE is GUI front-end for MPlayer with flow view and tool like media cutter.It can play audio,video,dvd files(.vob),vcd files(.mpg,.dat) etc and supports network streaming.It supports subtitles,subtitle decoding is done by using ass library.It can play any media formats without any external...
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Jan 16 2011

Xt7-Player (for gambas2, outdated) 0.9.299

Video Apps by koko2k
THIS VERSION IS UNSUPPORTEDA new version for gambas3/qt4 is here:http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php?content=151684
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Jan 11 2011

Subtitulator 1.0

Video Apps by gnometips
Subtitulator is a Mencoder user interface for embedding SRT subtitles in AVI files.Features* You can enqueue several files for subtitling.* You can select the character encoding.* You can insert a translucent background to subtitles.* You can change the font contour.* You can control the opacity...
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Dec 10 2010

VideoCut-vm 0.3.1vm

Video Apps by Vytax
VideoCut - is an open source desktop application specially created for capturing screenshots from video files.This is unofficial VideoCut fork, with new functions. This project has a new ffmpeg video decoding backend. Which is significant faster and more stable. Requirements:* Qt >= 4.6*...
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Nov 15 2010

akm-video-qt 0.7.8 final

Video Apps by nowardev
Akm-video-qt creates a kdenlive project with your videos automatically with random transitions (wipe )INSTALLATION-------------------------------enter where you have unpacked the tar.gz dependences :sudo apt-get install kdenlive mplayer ffmpeg imagemagickyou need of awk ...
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Nov 06 2010

SubDownloader 2.0.13

Video Apps by gothicx
SubDownloader is a tool to automatically download/upload subtitlesfor video files (DIVX, MPEG, AVI, etc.) and DVDs using fast hashing.Features: * Fast hashing algorithm (27 GB movies/7 seconds) * Recursively folders search * Autodetect language of the subtitles * Upload entire series seasons...
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Sep 21 2010

Furius iConverter

Video Apps by marcusfurius2
Simple Gtk+ Interface to Convert any Video to iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone MP4 Compatible Format . An easy to use iPod/iPhone video conversion utility for Linux.Easy to useConverts any videoNo configuration neededSupports drag and dropSupports batch conversionAutomatically creates high quality...
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Aug 07 2010

PlaybaK (aka KDE Media Player) 0.0.7

Video Apps by gilfcp10
(the screenshots are from version 0.0.5)Please note this is a development version of PlaybaK, you may see a lot of bugs and there are missing a lot of basic features like repeat or aspect ratio.The idea of creating PlaybaK was based upon a mockup created by menace1982 that you can see here:...
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Jul 11 2010