i18ntoolbox 0.1

Developers Apps by BOSSoNe
i18ntoolbox for Quanta+ is a bunch of scripts and a toolbar for website internationalization with PHP Gettext.See on this page how to use it:http://b1project.com/news/view/80.html
Feb 13 2006

BeQunge 0.1

Developers Apps by davidsansome
BeQunge is an n-dimensional code editor, interpreter and debugger for the Funge programming language.Instructions in Funge are represented by single characters, and the program counter is a vector.Key features: * OpenGL code editor able to display any number of dimensions * Concurrent Funge...
Dec 11 2006

CMake2assistant 1.0

Developers Apps by bk12
This tool parses CMake output to generate an HTML cross-referenced version of CMake commands and modules. It also generates a .dcf file which can be used to integrate the CMake documentation in Qt Assistant v3 or v4.The first download is the tool itself.The second download is the documentation...
Oct 06 2007

Snippeq 0.0.1

Developers Apps by lane
Most programmers often write small test code or example code for themselves or for helping others, these small code pieces are named snippets. Snippeq saves snippets in a MySql Database and provides functionality for searching, manipulating and exporting them. With the import/export function...
Jul 17 2004

Kommander 1.5.3

Developers Apps by sequitur
Kommander 1.5 is the final special release in the 3x series. I resume work on the KDE4 version the last week of October. As to why this is still KDE3 vs KDE4 I was basically doing my apprenticeship in C++ and I needed fully functional design and plugins. I have 3 internal applications built with...
Nov 02 2009

Kommander KPart Loader plugin 0.1

Developers Apps by sequitur
This plugin enables Kommander to load any KPart. While there are some limitations it's fun to see it load KMail. Konqueror file views seem not to want to change directory so this is not completely functional. Interestingly you can load Kommander KParts, but you should run the new parser in both...
Feb 23 2008

Kommander Action Proxy 0.2

Developers Apps by sequitur
NOTE: Requires Kommander 1.3 which shipped with KDE 3.5.9!Kommander can use a Qt Designer MainWindow, but it's limited to signals and slots. So you can use a menu, but you can't check it's status or disable it. This plugin uses 27 different functions to make a MainWindow a first class citizen,...
Mar 29 2008

Kommander HTTPform plugin 0.2.1

Developers Apps by sequitur
The HTTPform plugin enables you to use HTTP post and get. This can be extremely useful. it can retrieve a web page or the underlying markup. What it's particularly useful for is creating a web form integrated with your application. I use this to synchronize databases by putting PHP files in an...
Feb 23 2008

Kommander Database Plugin (1.3) 0.4.6

Developers Apps by sequitur
NOTE: Requires Kommander 1.3 which shipped in KDE 3.5.9I use these drivers to run a substantial interal Kommander application spanning 3 databases and dozens of dialogs. I have added a number of features over the old drivers that are huge time savers. I'm looking at including the port in KDE4....
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Apr 17 2008

Date Time Functions 0.4

Developers Apps by sequitur
NOTE: Requires Kommander 1.3 which shipped with KDE 3.5.9!This is an extensive date/time library for Kommander. Some of this is available using date in an exec() call but if you have loops processing lots of data those calls are slow. There are some very cool things in here.* auto-recognize...
Apr 21 2008