Zenburn Theme for Kate highlighting

Utilities by admiral0
This is an adapted, but still not perfect highlight theme for kate and kdevelop.
6 .7
Aug 24 2011

KHTML Userscript 0.1.2

Utilities by seba
This plugin provides support for "User Scripts" in Konqueror. It is similar to the Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox.It doesn't support the Greasemonkey API.Supported Greasemonkey headers:@name@version@namespace@author@description@include@exclude**********It's not maintained anymore. If someone...
6 .7
Sep 20 2011

KWallet Askpass Program 0.0.3

Utilities by Pontobart
Fetches your SSH passphrase from KWallet and passes it to ssh-add-
5 .0
Jan 15 2012

tarifupdate 0.3

Utilities by thomas12777
this is just a simple bash script to generate kppp connections it parses billiger-surfen.de,so IT IS ONLY USEFULL IF YOU LIVE IN GERMANY AND USE KPPP! if you flag -kde you'll get some dialog interface, otherwise you'll need to call it from within a bash shell and into the foreground
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5 .0
Apr 18 2005

Konvi-Kopete Away Sync 1.0

Utilities by kyral
A small script that helps sync Kopete and Konversation away status via DCOP. Copy the file to either ~/.kde/share/apps/konversation/scripts for local install or $KDEDIR/share/apps/konversation/scripts for system wide install. Then bind /exec dblAway.sh away and /exec dblAway.sh back to whatever...
5 .0
May 22 2007

AutoTrillian Emoticon Scraper 1.0.0

Utilities by dirge
This Perl script downloads the Trillian emoticons (smileys) from www.bigblueball.com and sets them up for use in e.g. Kopete. No icons are included here. This simply automates the process of downloading each icon and setting up an appropriate emoticons.xml file. Please do NOT redistribute the...
5 .0
Mar 13 2007

blackscreen 0.0.2

Utilities by Rettich
This application does more then nothing. When you start it, it just shows a black fullscreen window (and hides the mouse pointer).It's meant to use for presentations. If you want to turn your projector off during a presentation (maybe to write something on the board), you just start this...
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5 .0
Feb 27 2009

ksynergy 0.5

Utilities by sodamnmad
Ksynergy is a simple wrapper for the command line utility synergy.Let me know what you think.
5 .0
Mar 27 2009

EMoC 0.90

Utilities by beli0135
Emoc is simple application, front end for "ffmpeg" and "mencoder" command line programs, that enables you to convert video files from one format to another, resize and resample them (usually to deminish video file in size on disk). Additionally, Emoc can join various files into one video file....
5 .0
Jan 28 2010

Timer Plasmoid Companion Script 0.2.0

Utilities by Contrast
SummaryI never really cared much for GUI alarm clocks - they always felt like time wasters when I could just run something like "sleep 30m && mplayer -loop 0 /path/to/sound.file" and be done with it. Then I discovered the outstanding Timer plasmoid that ships with KDE 4.2. It did have...
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5 .0
Mar 11 2010