Autostart Manager 0.5

Utilities by smileaf
A KControl tool for managing what programs start up with KDE. (~/.kde/Autostart and ~/.kde/env), run when KDE shuts down (~/.kde/shutdown)Known Limitations and bugs:when launching apart for kcontrol:clicking "Cancel" with a properties dialog open will generate a crash.when launching inside...
5 .0
Dec 26 2006

Denian Sarge k9copy 1.0.0

Utilities by xvicx
Debian sarge of k9copy. Works nice on my system, hope it will for you to.k9copy is a DVD backup utility which allow the copy of one or more titles from a DVD9 to a DVD5. files needed:DVDAuthorlibdvdreadgrowisofsref: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=23885
5 .0
Oct 16 2005

OpenKiosk 0.8

Utilities by xynopsis
OpenKiosk is a multi-platform kiosk management system for public terminals and kiosks. X11 and Windows clients are currently supported. Whether you are an Internet Cafe operator or a librarian, Openkiosk can make your life easier.
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5 .0
Oct 23 2004

Simple Beagle-UI 0.3

Utilities by nightwriter
Beagle Search is a project by the gnome group to provide a way to do desktop searches of your data. However the only UI I could find is based on ephiphany and it only "indexes" web pages I visit. So since beagle does include a command line program called beagle-index-files I decided I wanted a...
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5 .0
Jan 09 2005

My-Info 1.0

Utilities by nightwriter
Myinfo is a quick little app I created a while back and decided to share. Quit often help desk style persons need to ask some basic info about a box that many non technical users don't know how to find, and the technical users do know how to find but may need root access in order to find it....
5 .0
Feb 04 2005

rotboKs 0.1

Utilities by thomas12777
rotboKs provides easy realtime ROTxxThe preset is ROT13, but you can select any value (xx < 26)There's also an option to mirror text, so if you ever wanted to know what REDRUM really means, ask the boKs ;)The uppper box contains the plaintext, the lower one the rotation - you may type in both
5 .0
Feb 13 2005

tarifupdate 0.3

Utilities by thomas12777
this is just a simple bash script to generate kppp connections it parses billiger-surfen.de,so IT IS ONLY USEFULL IF YOU LIVE IN GERMANY AND USE KPPP! if you flag -kde you'll get some dialog interface, otherwise you'll need to call it from within a bash shell and into the foreground
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5 .0
Apr 18 2005

ding - kicker applet (kding) 0.3

Utilities by thomas12777
kicker applet for ding libraries. does not require ding (but grep ;) you can get a package of dings from the gnome-ding project (button in the config dialog) usage is simple: either hover the applet and start typing after the bar appears or select a text with the mouse and leftclick the applet ...
5 .0
Sep 17 2005

Qarma git

Utilities by thomas12777
A zenity drop-in replacement - it's really not that i like that it had to come this way :-(The primary goal is to allow you to symlink /usr/bin/zenity to /usr/bin/qarma without any problem, so if you encounter an issue with qarma in any script that used/uses zenity DO NOT WORK AROUND IT! FILE A...
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7 .0
May 15 2014

KoverArtist 0.7.6

Utilities by StefanT
KoverArtist is a program for the fast creation of covers forcd/dvd cases and boxes. The main idea behind it is to be ableto create decent looking covers with some mouseclicks.The project started from my need for some decent covers for thefilms I record from television and then often burn on dvd...
7 .9
Jul 09 2011