shoutcast-manager 0.0-1

Utilities by staudi009
Framework around Nullsoft's DNAS Server and Transcoder (Shoutcast). Produced with Gambas development language. Purpose is, to manage the content of the playlist while the services are running, maintenance the setting-files on the fly and controlling of the command-line execution of Server and...
5 .0
May 12 2008

clipboard 0.1

Utilities by milianw
This is a simple bash script with some added awk salt to make the clipboard easily accessible on a CLI. Example usage:Pasting:--------kpaste > "some_file"Copying:--------cat "some_file" | kpasteRequirements:-------------- running KDE4 session with klipper- bash- awk
5 .0
Aug 13 2008

Lrc Editor 0.1.2

Utilities by PingusPepan
Lrc EditorA Lrc Files EditorCopyright (C) 2009 Jan Fucek Requirements: Qt (>= 4.5) (May work on lesser versions but is tested only on 4.5) Qt-devel (>= 4.5) Amarok (== 1.4.X)Building and Installation: $ ./compile This script will compile the Lrc Editor and put its binary into the...
5 .0
Nov 08 2009

Bit.ly Me 0.1

Utilities by gcala
This is a konqueror plugin. Use it to short and share links with bit.ly.After installing this plugin you'll have a new icon (a yellow fish) in konqueror toolbar. Click on it to get a shrinked version of the current link using bit.ly service. A popup will allert you when the bit.ly url is...
5 .0
Mar 28 2010

Qiomega 1.0

Utilities by owerraide
Qiomega is a frontend for iomegaware that allows you to mount/unmount, format, and read Zip disks.
5 .0
Feb 15 2005

kxmltvguide 0.3

Utilities by amg
A tvguide kicker applet that uses xmltv files.
5 .0
Feb 10 2004

Konsole Konq Sync 1.1

Utilities by kyral
Small shell function that will sync a Konq filemanager instance to a Konsole instance. So if you konqCD into /home/foo/bar, the "first" Konq instance that is a filemanager instance will also change the directory displayed to /home/foo/barTo install just download the script and add this to your...
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5 .0
May 11 2007

TimeLog 0

Utilities by scummos
This is a simple, stupid time tracker. It can be used to record time spent for an activity, for example, programming (might be useful if you're working at home or so).To install:Extractcd timelog/mkdir buildcd build/cmake ..makeThen run ./timelogDepends only on Qt 4.6 (not KDE).Features:The...
5 .0
May 09 2010

Dikt 2.0

Utilities by ctarsoaga
Dikt is a dictionary that implements the client side of Dict protocol. Dikt is a network application, it looks up words on dict servers. You don't need to install any dictionaries, you only need a connection to Internet. You can find information about Dict protocol at Dict web site.Dikt is very...
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5 .0
Jun 01 2010

FAudioExtractor 20120116

Utilities by froksen
A simple program which can extract the sound from a moviefile. This can be handy for different purposes. Basic features:- Extract the audio from a moviefile and save the sound.Supported video formats(Everything MPlayer supports)*.3g2 *.3gp *.asf *.asx *.flv *.mov *.mp4 *.mpg *.rm *.swf *.vob...
6 .3
Jan 16 2012