kcpufreq for Debian 0.3

Utilities by Borszczuk
This is debian package of kcpufreq kicker applet:http://www.wastl.net/projects_htmlTo install it on your Debian box go to:http://debian.neo.pl/and follow the instruction. Then, to install the package:apt-get install kcpufreqOr use dselect (or other frontend) and browse my repository for other...
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5 .0
Dec 22 2005

Simutrans Starter 2.2.1

Utilities by OderMalSo
Here we go!Simutrans Starter is a small GUI for the great Simutrans transport economic simulation game. It support you to install and configure the game.All pak sets supported by default.For more information visit the project page and read the ChangeLogThere arerpm packages for openSuSE...
5 .8
Jul 23 2012

ksynergy 0.5

Utilities by sodamnmad
Ksynergy is a simple wrapper for the command line utility synergy.Let me know what you think.
5 .0
Mar 27 2009

KPreg 1.5

Utilities by betogm
KPreg, for KDE and Linux, or others Unix (*BSDs, etc) with suport for KDE, is a helper application for completing web forms and other programs. It provides an interface for entering commonly-required data, such as name, email, address, etc. With a simple click of the mouse, any item in the text...
5 .0
Mar 11 2004

DVD Audio Extractor

Utilities by meneerdik
Isn't Kommander just great. I had never used Kommander before, but I wrote this application in just three hours time. It extracts soundtracks from DVD's, does automatic downsampling when needed, optionally normalises the audio and saves to wav, ogg or mp3. It can even call K3B for you if you...
5 .0
Mar 24 2004

Amarok Folder Icons 0.2

Utilities by spookster
Amarok has a builtin function for setting the icon for folders (the one that displays in Konqueror etc) to be the cover image for the album it contains. However, it only works if you let it reorganise your music.This script will scan the current directory and sub directories for music, and set...
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Jul 23 2007

Kmp3burn 0.3.5

Utilities by KDEApp
Select mp3 files and store them in an easy way on any audio CD.Features:Burn on the fly.Adjust the volume of audio files to a standard volume level.Handle Playlists at m3u format.Requirements: kde 3.5 cdrecord taglib >= 1.3 libmad akode-2.0 sox (for...
5 .0
Mar 13 2007

KTuxcall 0.11b

Utilities by nachooya
KTuxcall detects incoming calls when the modem is being used. It gets this by detecting the waiting call tone of the phone line. It's a port of tuxcall (http://tuxcall.sourceforge.net) to KDE
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Apr 02 2004

kmhtConvert 0.7.4

Utilities by spiros2907
kmhtConvert is a utility to convert mht (Windows Web Archive) files to war (KDE Web Archive) files.I decided to write this utility because for a number of years I have been using Windows (who hasn't) and was used to saving data acquired from the net in mht files. Since I started using Linux, if...
5 .0
May 31 2009

GwenRename 1.1-beta7

Utilities by spiros2907
GwenRename is a series (batch) renaming tool. It was created as an external tool for GwenView, the image viewer for KDE, but it can be used from Dolphin and Konqueror as well. As that, the files to be renamed are passed to it as command line parameters, through the service menu mechanism.It...
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Apr 15 2010