Ryouko See GitHub page

Browser by foxhead128
Ryouko is no longer updated and has been succeeded by Nimbus (http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php?content=167467). Ryouko is a simple PyQt4 Web browser. It was originally designed for Linux, but there is now full Windows support, and it might work on Mac OS X as well (however, this is completely...
Score 63.3%
Oct 13 2014

Qsurfer Qt5 0.1

Browser by mokhtaroneone
Qsurfer is a simple example of QT5 web browser under devloppement. you can get the source code via github. if you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to contribute to the project.
Score 58.0%
Jul 11 2014

LeechCraft 0.6.65

Browser by 0xd34df00d
LeechCraft is a free cross-platform modular live environment. LeechCraft allows to browse the web, chat via IM, read RSS/Atom feeds, download files via BitTorrent and other protocols, play audiofiles, automatically download, play or stream podcasts (and other media files) and much...
Score 75.8%
Apr 03 2014

TwitchBrowser 0.5

Browser by andywilhelm
This Desktop Application lets you browse through Twitch.tv Streams and open them in your Video Player (VLC, MPlayer, MPV, ...). No need for a CPU heavy Flash Plugin. This Project uses "Livestreamer" to start the streams, more information on their website...
Score 63.3%
Feb 11 2014

rekonq Web Browser 2.4.2

Browser by adjam
rekonq is a web browser for KDE based on WebKit.
Score 79.2%
Jan 12 2014

FB4MAC | Facebook for mac 4.1

Browser by the-tuxer
A Facebook, Google+ and Twitter mobile-like desktop application for Mac. **************************************** Facebook for Mac is a free and open source graphical application designed to act as a mobile Facebook app on your Mac. Therefore, Facebook for Mac looks and acts exactly the same as...
Score 50.0%
Dec 29 2013

Vatsinator 0.2.1

Browser by Garrappachc
Vatsinator is an open-source Vatsim network monitor. It shows logged-in pilots and controllers, provides weather and airport information. Vatsinator is designed to be quick and handy, in order to be useful on desktops (when not flying) and note/netbooks (during flights). **Features** * Easy and...
Score 53.3%
Nov 04 2013

BrowSmart 1.1

Browser by browsmart
Welcome to BrowSmart, the web browser software that brings you a new experience. People browse the web sites for information, but it was not as straight forward as it should have been. What we offer, is to make it easy and joyful. It provide features below: •Extract and present the core...
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Score 58.6%
Oct 28 2013

Socializer 1.0.3

Browser by anandbose99k
Socializer is a simple and stylish Facebook browser for your Windows/Linux PC, Mac and Android. This app provides native Facebook experience in a Facebook styled window plus a system tray icon for providing notifications. This app doesn't disturbs you by popping out notifications, but it...
Score 77.7%
Oct 18 2013

Facebook X

Browser by civerell
A client to the well-known Facebook social network, with some integration to the desktop. Idea and some implementation detailes borrowed from http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/Facebook?content=156543 Additional features implemented: - printing, - full screen view, - notification balloons from...
Score 58.6%
Sep 09 2013