Lightweight2 1.15

Browser by Blahord
Lightweight2 is a small Browser. Main features: - Very compact and easy to use inferface - Almost no text - No unnessesary messageboxes. Just surf in the web - On-the-fly hashcheck of downloads - Intelligent "New Tabs": It does not open tabs for urls that are already open ...
Score 76.7%
Jun 18 2013

Remove Google Spying 0.1

Browser by TheUserK
Google uses annoying redirections to track your surfing-behaviour (http://www.google.com/url?q=http://en.wikipedia.org/ instead of http://en.wikipedia.org/). This script will remove those urls from Google's search-pages. It does not work with KWebKit.
Score 70.0%
Apr 07 2013

Webplier 1.0.1

Browser by bouncing
The idea behind Webplier is simple. Use it to create site-specific browsers for sites that are important to you. Each web app you create gets its own task bar treatment, menu entry, cookie jar, window position, preferences, etc. You can also use these web apps with chrome-free browsing. Because...
Score 58.0%
Mar 23 2013

gorodplast-tel 4.1

Browser by gorodplast-tel
Electronic directory city Plast'
Score 50.0%
Mar 06 2013

Spectator 0.1

Browser by ThomasFuhringer
A web browser that uses MDI (windows in windows) - just to try it
Score 50.0%
Feb 08 2013

Vatsinator 0.2

Browser by Garrappachc
Vatsinator is an open-source Vatsim network monitor. It shows logged-in pilots and controllers, provides weather and airport information. Vatsinator is designed to be quick and handy, in order to be useful on desktops (when not flying) and note/netbooks (during flight). Vatsinator uses QT...
Score 31.9%
Jan 15 2013

SlimBoat Web Browser 1.1.17

Browser by stvjhson
SlimBoat is a free web browser that is fast, secure and loaded with powerful features. It is fast to start up and fast to open your favorite web sites. SlimBoat helps you surf the internet safely and securely by incorporating multiple layers of protection measures. SlimBoat also includes tons of...
Score 46.0%
Dec 26 2012

KParts Plugin 20120723

Browser by fischer
This software implements a plugin for Netscape-compatible browsers in a Unix environment. This plugin uses KDE's KParts technology to embed file viewers (e.g. for PDF files) into non-KDE browsers. Tested browsers include both Mozilla Firefox and Opera. With this plugin, you can e.g. view PDF...
Score 85.3%
Jul 23 2012

PySMSsend 1.48

Browser by Hwoarang
Please visit Projects Webpage http://pysmssend.silverarrow.org for Gentoo Ebuild ,Arch pkgbuild, Ubuntu/Debian PackageInstall script tested on Gentoo/Arch/Ubuntu *************************** README *************************** Supporting Accounts : Voipbuster, Voipdiscount,...
Score 58.0%
Jul 22 2012

Mac Monitoring Software

Browser by mnswmobi
Expert password protected Mac Monitoring Software is manufactured to easily monitor all records like URL visited, chat conversation, USB device insertion and removal activity, login id, password, and various typed content in notepad, and excel sheet
Score 50.0%
Jul 17 2012