Zatchbell Splashy Theme 1.0

Splashy Themes by Rukasuzu
This is based On the anime tv show Zatchbell. The name in Japanese is Konjiki No Gash BellDo not extract[quote]sudo apt-get build-dep splashy libsplashy1thensudo apt-get install splashygksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lstfind and add vga=794 to both# defoptions=quiet splash...
5 .0
Feb 04 2009

alba (splashy theme) 0.1

Splashy Themes by fa1l
OK, my first splashy screen!First you need to have splashy installed. Then extract the files and place the alba folder in /etc/splashy/themesAfter that change the current theme in /etc/splashy/splashy_config to albaIf you see your splash screen has not changed you may need to do sudo...
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5 .0
Jan 27 2009

Debian-Anime (Splashy Screen) 0.1

Splashy Themes by shinigamimes
A subject for Splashy Screen involving Debian and Anime this is for the adepts ^^
5 .0
Jan 06 2009

Debian-Girl (Splashy Screen) 0.1

Splashy Themes by shinigamimes
An excellent shipment screen.
5 .0
Dec 30 2008

Debian-Basix (Splashy) 1.0

Splashy Themes by Chrispy
Made with my SplashyCreator - based on the Debian-Basix WP. resolution is 1600x1200.Less colors used - so good quality on the console.Wallpaper made by Julian Mann http://www.debian-art.org/content/show.php?content=76912
5 .0
Jul 16 2008

Frugalware 0.8 Kalgan Splashy

Splashy Themes by Devil505
Splashy Theme for Frugalware Linux 0.8 Kalgan.Logo by Masta64.
5 .0
Apr 27 2008

Debian Paint (Splashy) 1.0

Splashy Themes by Chrispy
Splashy Theme based on the image made by Jason Streeter.Comments Welcome.
5 .0
Feb 13 2008

LinuxOsX Splashy Theme 0.1

Splashy Themes by DevilX
LinuxOsX is a Mac-like theme for the Splashy Bootsplash.
5 .0
Dec 22 2007

Debblack Splashy 1.0

Splashy Themes by Chrispy
I'm glad to say, that my SplashyCreator v1.0beta1 finally generates working themesAt the upper left corner is a small progressbar.Since there are only Black, Grey and White used in the picture, this theme looks high-quality (Splashy is limited to 16 Colors)Background found once ago, licensed as...
5 .0
Nov 10 2007

LXP Splashy 1.1

Splashy Themes by Chrispy
This is a Splashy theme, based on Wojciech Rak's Radioactive Wallpaper (LXP means Linux eXtremly Powerfull)HowTo install:install splashy via synaptic/adept, unpack and copy the lxp directory to /etc/splashy/themes, then run -as root- "splashy_config --set-theme lxp".you might add "vga=791 splash...
5 .0
Sep 05 2007