Easier bootsplash setup scripts [Plymouth]

Tutorials and Scripts by Markospoko
Easier bootsplash setup scripts allow a little more handy setup of new Plymouth themes on Ubuntu based (Linux Mint, Ubuntu, etc.) and probably Debian based systems =)I make bootsplashes and to ease setting up and testing new Plymouth themes, I created these wrapper scripts.Don't be shy, give it...
1 day ago

Fix brew on macOS Mavericks so it still works

Tutorials and Scripts by Markospoko
In case you use brew on oldie macOS such as Mavericks and you presently see something like:dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _openatget .txt from files, it will help you with what to do to have it working again, things you have installed should continue to work, I can't promise...
Nov 30 2020

NaughtyLust 1.0.0

Tutorials and Scripts by deep5050
Some Useful nautilus scripts Specially focused on file renaming and aggregationWhat does it include?1. Bulk renaming ( various kind, see GitHub repo)2. Upload to Gist ( public+private)3. File Aggregation based on types, extensions, and name 4. Set terminal color schemes5. Lock screen setup6....
Sep 07 2020

ReI1U/ReI1D - renumber animation images by one up/down

Tutorials and Scripts by Markospoko
ReI1U, ReI1D - renumber animation images by one up/down from cli, simple scripts that can be used to adjust animation image numbers, eg. 000 => 001, 001 => 002 or in other direction 003 => 002, 002 => 001, etc., it can be useful f.e. when animation software you have creates frames...
Aug 12 2020

xfce4-panel blur 0.1

Tutorials and Scripts by zayronXIO
script to give blur appearance in the panel, very similar to what maco os offers, watch the video to learn how to use itInstallInstall dependencies whith sudo apt install imagemagick.Download the scrip from the files section.Create the "panelblur" folder, you can do it in the terminal with the...
Jul 13 2020


Tutorials and Scripts by sasvi
Simple bash script which draws "groot" from "Marvel" in terminal. Installation: extract archive and move "groot" to "/usr/bin/" folder, so you can call it just typing "groot" in terminal. You can add it into .bashrc as well to print this image on every terminal opening.My another script for...
Mar 16 2020

Cleanup Arch Linux 1.0

Tutorials and Scripts by sasvi
With this script you can safely clean Arch Linux system from unnecessary packages, which are not used any more and take space on HDD/SSD. It is totally safe to remove these packages.How to install: extract archive and copy "cleanup" script to "/usr/bin/" folder, so you can call it from terminal...
Mar 13 2020

Karpuz 0.2

Tutorials and Scripts by sonakinci41
Python Text Editor
Jan 16 2020

Commercial 3D soft for Linux

Tutorials and Scripts by Markospoko
Commercial 3D soft - if you wonder if there's any great 3D app for Linux besides Blender, check .txt to learn something newDon't be shy, give it a try, hesitation isn't good for you and you've got nothing to lose, trust me ;-).
Jan 10 2020

Youtube to mp3 coverter script using youtube dl and ffmpeg 1.0

Tutorials and Scripts by madcap
###YOUTUBE VIDEO TO MP3 CONVERTER###**REQUIRES ffmpeg, youtube-dl and vim##Installing requirements:***Arch based*** sudo pacman -S ffmpegsudo pacman -S youtube-dlsudo pacman -S vim***ubuntu/debian based***sudo apt install ffmpegsudo apt install youtube-dlsudo apt install vim***centos***sudo yum...
Dec 18 2019