WindowBlinds Skin Loader for KDE

Various Stuff by asifalirizwaan
WindowsBlinds has some of the best looks or eye-candy any Desktop Environment can offer. It would be great for KDE to be able to use WindowsBlinds skins as KDE styles.Skins:http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.asp?library=1Website:http://www.windowblinds.net/
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May 18 2002

Large White Mouse Pointer for KDE and X11

Various Stuff by asifalirizwaan
My little contribution to the KDE people who use hi resolution 1024x768+ in which Mouse pointer looks much like a dot. Though I myself use 800x600 and small white cursor. Usage: copy this cursor.pcf.gz file to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc folder (if you are root) else copy it to...
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Oct 21 2001

White mouse cursor/pointer for KDE & X11

Various Stuff by asifalirizwaan
This my white mouse cursor contribution towards all nice kde users :) This cursor seemlessly get integrated with KDE and beautify it a bit more. Other X applications like Mozilla, Netscape, MTV etc., also are easy to use.Just untar the '134-Cursor.tgz' by:# tar -zxvf 134-Cursor.tgzBefore this...
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Feb 16 2002

Autocorrect Entries for KWord 1.1.1 1.1.1

Various Stuff by asifalirizwaan
Frustrated by not having autocorrect data in KWord 1.x to ease the user of typing and typos, I have wrote some useful Autocorrect and autocorrect exceptions entries enabling KWord to use it. I have also contributed my work into KWord. You can see this in KWord 1.2. It is been released under...
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Jan 26 2002

busy disc

Various Stuff by a8603365
This is an alternative launch feedback animation for KDE2 and KDE3. It is shown in kicker's task bar after an application was started and until the main window appears. (Normally that's a coloured spinning hourglass.) Installation instructions inside, Public Domain. :-)
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Mar 27 2002

KPIM Workspace

Various Stuff by kborrey
This is just an idea for a KPIM workspace (cfr. Evolution, Aethera and Outlook). I hope someone will consider to make something like this :o) I think it should be possible to make with KPart (some KPIM modules already support KParts).
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Jun 08 2002


Various Stuff by kborrey
Klipart is an attempt to make a free clipart gallery for Koffice. The Klipart tarball contains some simple SVG images and Stencils for Kivio. You'll need KDE 3.0.x (or higher) and Koffice 1.2 (or any other application that is capable of viewing SVG images). The flowcharting stencils only work...
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May 11 2003

If Desktop could fall in love.

Various Stuff by somekool
this is fun.
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Jun 26 2003

super fast kde startup for Red Hat 7.3

Various Stuff by sinner_prairy
This is a hack of the original "superfast kde startup".It is for use *only* Red Hat Linux 7.3 Do *not* try with other Red Hat versions, nor other distributions, for I cannot guarantee that it will work.See README file for installation procedures. *Now* it is included (sorry!)
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May 21 2002

Liquid Mandrake 1.0

Various Stuff by sinner_prairy
This is a screenshot of my current Desktop.It is a Mandrake 8.1 running KDE 2.2.2 with Texstar's RPMs .The Liquid Engine from Mosfet has been installed also from Texstar's RPMs. Then, the colour scheme is a variation on EveX. The Window Decorations are the ModSystem ones.The background picture...
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Feb 01 2002