KDE Air Wordpress theme 1.1

Various Stuff by csslayer
A kde air plasma theme based wordpress theme. Based on KDE 4.5Support changing background and header in Wordpress 3.0 or newer.It works will in firefox, chrome, and ie 9.You can preview it at my home page http://csslayer.info, but since I'm chinese.. so you may not be able to understand the content.
7 .9
Feb 21 2012

Oxygen theme for Filezilla 1.0

Various Stuff by johonunu
Filezilla theme to match Oxygen iconset.Extract folder to : /usr/share/filezilla/resources
7 .7
May 08 2011

meteo-qt 2.1

Various Stuff by dglent
A system tray application for the weather statusData from OpenWeatherMapTo translate meteo-qt:https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/meteo-qt/
7 .6
Oct 07 2020

dockmanager-kde_and_extra 0.9.17

Various Stuff by gnumdk
Dockmanager scripts for:- dolphin- konsole- firefox- kopete- akonadi- krdc- kate- clementine- amarok- rekonq- konqueror- chromium- chrome- lastfmInstallation:$ cd ~/.local/share/$ mkdir dockmanager$ tar xvzf ~/dockmanager-kde_and_extra-0.9.17.tgz
7 .5
Mar 21 2013

Evolvere KTelepathy Adium message style 1.0.0

Various Stuff by franksouza183
Part of Evolvere theme suit, soonDemo: http://youtu.be/4mF-AnPwIR8Installation:On Kubuntu install it by extracting the file in ~/.kde/share/apps/ktelepathy/styles/, or in /usr/share/kde4/apps/ktelepathy/styles/ for all users.The path is probably similar in other distros.
7 .4
Mar 16 2014

Oxygenate 2.2

Various Stuff by neo14515
This is my first theme so it might have some issue. It is a theme for Thunderbird and the Lightening addons. It is based on the oxybird2 theme and the Firefox oxygen theme. This is a work in progress. I would like in the end to achieve a better integration of Thunderbird in KDE. Fell free to...
7 .4
May 01 2012

KDE4 Analog clock collection 0.1

Various Stuff by worloj
A collection of different looks for KDE4 analog clock plasma widget. Developed and tested thoroughly on Debian Squeeze running KDE4.3 (I think :) ). These are one of the first versions and any improvements or suggestions from anybody are welcome. !! WARNING !!To get the clock face fonts right,...
7 .2
Feb 16 2011

Corner nowplaying

Various Stuff by Naf71
Thank narf41 for allowing me 2 years ago to share his theme with the changes i made for screenlets ​​here: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/New+Corner+4+Nowplaying++?content=116318 Now I have brought little change and I'm using it on covergloobus and I thought to share with you. All...
7 .2
Jul 07 2011

Oxygen theme for PokerTH 1

Various Stuff by floopy1962
Here we go... another theme what else to say :D id you want the spashscreen u have to copy it to "/usr/share/games/pokerth/gfx/gui/misc/"and make sure that the permissions are on your user ;)
7 .2
Jun 19 2011

Oxygen Icon Theme for JDownloader 1.0

Various Stuff by neo14515
ABOUT=====This is an oxygen theme for JDownloader. It is basically 95% based on the Oxygen icon theme set (great thanks to its creators), but some icons had to be taken from the Oxygen Zion cursors theme (thanks as well). I myself have only composed a few of the icons that were specific to...
7 .2
May 01 2012