Mageia branding for KDE menu

Various Stuff by lucaspatis
They are for KDE menu.To install user-wide:Copy or link branding.svgz (default) to ~/.kde4/share/apps/desktoptheme/default/widgets/branding.svgzCopy or link branding.svgz (oxygen) to ~/.kde4/share/apps/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/branding.svgzTo install system-wide:Copy or link branding.svgz...
5 .0
Jan 10 2013

Mumoco v0.2

Various Stuff by chbalnuweit
Mumoco is a tool to configure multi-monitor profiles.You can link certain conditions to the profiles.Mumoco automatically sets the right profile when conditions are fullfilled.You can also manually set the profiles from tray icon context menu.
5 .8
Jan 09 2013

Steam dockmanager script 0.0.1

Various Stuff by NickLion
Steam dockmanager script.Allow run installed games and use steam actions (store, library, etc.) from icon tasks context menu.Great thanks to gnumdk (http://kde-look.org/usermanager/search.php?username=gnumdk), cause I don't know python and have used his work...
6 .3
Dec 31 2012

KDE video intro x

Various Stuff by J0nas
A short intro for anyone doing KDE screencasts or other KDE presentations.I made this to test Blender 3D dynamic paint. Feel free to comment and use.Use youtube link above and downloadhelper or CLI to fetch video.or follow this linkhttps://www.box.com/s/9spcy2hrr3nza5yemun3b.rJonas
6 .7
Oct 29 2012

Copy preserving 1.0

Various Stuff by pepilinux
This script use Kdialog and will help you to copy the content of a given directory into another directory, by preserving permissions and owner.Questo script usa Kdialog per aiutarVi a copiare IL CONTENUTO di una data cartella ( e non la cartella stessa) all'interno di un'altra cartella,...
5 .8
Oct 26 2012

Bespin Blur 0.1

Various Stuff by hamidsafdari
To apply this theme you need the Bespin style:Go to Style > choose Bespin from the drop down menu and > click on Configure > in the Presets window click on Import and > find the download bespin file. Double click on it. > Then again in the Presets window choose the new preset and...
6 .3
Jul 31 2012

Oxygen Icon Theme for JDownloader 1.0

Various Stuff by neo14515
ABOUT=====This is an oxygen theme for JDownloader. It is basically 95% based on the Oxygen icon theme set (great thanks to its creators), but some icons had to be taken from the Oxygen Zion cursors theme (thanks as well). I myself have only composed a few of the icons that were specific to...
7 .2
May 01 2012

Oxygenate 2.2

Various Stuff by neo14515
This is my first theme so it might have some issue. It is a theme for Thunderbird and the Lightening addons. It is based on the oxybird2 theme and the Firefox oxygen theme. This is a work in progress. I would like in the end to achieve a better integration of Thunderbird in KDE. Fell free to...
7 .4
May 01 2012

Complete Dark & Bright suite 0.1

Various Stuff by Moviuro
This is a color sheme + bespin theme + shortcut command + konsole theme + utility combo.As I often go from bright to dark places now, I have to whether change brightness or color scheme. And I found the kcss utility to switch colorschemes easily :)Enjoy and feel free to comment :)PS: please read...
6 .3
Apr 29 2012

Table and Chairs Puzzle 1.1

Various Stuff by atomopawn
Puzzle for Palapeli
5 .8
Apr 20 2012