Kituu 0.8.2

Various Stuff by xaccrocheur
Fully configurable BASH environment ; You can copy it to all your users/root home folders (and to /etc/skel for all future ones) and it will automatically display "root" in the color you define. Bad root. (Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/xaccrocheur)-Two-lines stable...
7 .0
Feb 22 2012

KDE Air Wordpress theme 1.1

Various Stuff by csslayer
A kde air plasma theme based wordpress theme. Based on KDE 4.5Support changing background and header in Wordpress 3.0 or newer.It works will in firefox, chrome, and ie 9.You can preview it at my home page http://csslayer.info, but since I'm chinese.. so you may not be able to understand the content.
7 .9
Feb 21 2012

KDE4Classic 0.1

Various Stuff by Mte90
This as a template for Lepton based on Kde air http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/KDE+Air+Wordpress+theme?content=129377The css are more simple and is adaptable to other cms.I'm not interested to convert on other cms actually.Starting the support for ie.
6 .3
Jan 08 2012

Save cached video 0.2

Various Stuff by marcaemus
In a response to requests this script will copy cached video to your home directory. Usage is just: mozz [filename] where filename is the name you want to save as.Installation: save mozz, chmod 755 mozz then copy it to anywhere on your $PATH.
6 .7
Nov 01 2011

Flash Video Cache Finder 1.1

Various Stuff by marcaemus
Find cached video while watching and without needing downloader extensions. Type moz at a prompt to find the vid. Tested with Firefox (Icecat), Chromium, Midori, Uzbl, Konqueror, and Arora.To install, append the downloaded moz() function to your local .bashrc file. It will work at your next login.
6 .7
Nov 01 2011

Oxygono ( UMPlayer skin ) 0.1

Various Stuff by ntasos
Just a simple UMPlayer skin I made to match with my desktop...-Extract the folder "Oxygono" to: "/usr/share/umplayer/skins/"-Add a window-speific override for umplayer and select solid color as background styleI think it fits better with the default oxygen colors but it's up to you.
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5 .8
Sep 18 2011

Qual'e' il mio ip pubblico? 2

Various Stuff by pepilinux
Simple bash script that use KDIALOG to show in a window your public IP.No restrictions unless the site used to retrieve ip info change his output format.
5 .8
Aug 06 2011

Qual'e' il mio ip pubblico? 1.0

Various Stuff by pepilinux
Semplice script bash che usa KDIALOG per stampare a video l'ip pubblico.Funziona solo con modem ALICE GATE 2 PLUS WI-FI della Pirelli
5 .8
Aug 06 2011

Corner nowplaying

Various Stuff by Naf71
Thank narf41 for allowing me 2 years ago to share his theme with the changes i made for screenlets ​​here: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/New+Corner+4+Nowplaying++?content=116318 Now I have brought little change and I'm using it on covergloobus and I thought to share with you. All...
7 .2
Jul 07 2011

Oxygen theme for PokerTH 1

Various Stuff by floopy1962
Here we go... another theme what else to say :D id you want the spashscreen u have to copy it to "/usr/share/games/pokerth/gfx/gui/misc/"and make sure that the permissions are on your user ;)
7 .2
Jun 19 2011