Google Search page for Rekonq 1

Various Stuff by floopy1962
This is a simple html file with little css inside that i made to make it look good in Rekonq browser :)The good thing is that the page is only one file... the bad thing is that the text-field looks ugly in google-chrome or chromium :(The font is my system font that you can find...
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Jun 19 2011

Kneda to Kmess 0.1

Various Stuff by mcder
install:open a terminal and write:kdesu dolphin /usr/share/apps/kmess/pics/copy the file and replace the background.pngcomo instalarlo:abren una terminal y escriben:kdesu dolphin /usr/share/apps/kmess/pics/reemplazan el archivo background.pngNOTA: la ubicacion de kmess en la carpeta /usr/share/...
6 .7
May 10 2011

Oxygen theme for Filezilla 1.0

Various Stuff by johonunu
Filezilla theme to match Oxygen iconset.Extract folder to : /usr/share/filezilla/resources
7 .7
May 08 2011

Debian mini CD Artwork 1.0

Various Stuff by kumgabor
Debian Squeeze artwork for 8 cm mini CDs (netinst).The artwork is available on our website and you can get a CD too.
5 .8
Mar 16 2011

BullionVault Prices Dataengine 1.0

Various Stuff by m4ktub
Provides updates on the price of gold using the BullionVault service. There are 3 data sources one for each supported currency: USD, GBP, EUR.By default prices are updated every 45 seconds.InstallationYou need to download the file and run, in the command line: plasmapkg -i...
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Feb 21 2011

KDE4 Analog clock collection 0.1

Various Stuff by worloj
A collection of different looks for KDE4 analog clock plasma widget. Developed and tested thoroughly on Debian Squeeze running KDE4.3 (I think :) ). These are one of the first versions and any improvements or suggestions from anybody are welcome. !! WARNING !!To get the clock face fonts right,...
7 .2
Feb 16 2011

Amarok animated splash - IDEA

Various Stuff by Epoxyde
Amarok splash can contains animated equaliser (blue stripes on background).It can be custom (user defined) animation. Also it can be standart default animation.
6 .6
Jan 27 2011

Oxygen Air Amarok Splash Screen 0.1

Various Stuff by floopy1962
Simply oxygen like air splash for coolest music player "Amarok" :PJpeg images in following sizes:800x600640x480320x240
7 .0
Jan 10 2011

Yuuka Sugisawa Ubuntu 10.10 Selo

Various Stuff by superlinux-br
Yuuka Sugisawa Ubuntu 10.10 Selo Gimp-Linux[16:9]"-00000 zoom = downloadmore: http://www.4shared.com/u/v-xWA0Hg/superlinux-mg.htmlhttp://www.4shared.com/dir/LXCrCXqw/gimp-linux_selos.html
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Oct 18 2010

Kromium Project 0.2

Various Stuff by MetalByte
With this "original" named Kromium Project I want to bring Chromium/Google Chrome web browsers to the KDE side as possible. If you want to help, you're welcome :)Follow the Kromium Road:[quote]Step1: Configure to use with Kwin*Watch on video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xPU2LZmnY8PAY...
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Oct 01 2010