Traditional 7 Clock Face

Various Stuff by JugheadObama
svgz file for analog clock. Quick and dirty mashup of You Know Who and Aya.
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Sep 14 2010

Kde theme for emesene

Various Stuff by sehercp
Tema de KDE para Emesene, aun faltan detalles y subir emoticonos, mas información en mi blog. Instalar un tema como Qtcurve para integrarlo aun más.
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Aug 23 2010

sidux Red (clock wallpaper 1920x1200) PL 1.0

Various Stuff by wmk69
For polish sidux-users version with polish date.
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Aug 21 2010
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Aug 21 2010

KDE Trash-Toilet

Various Stuff by dee2er
Trashcan icon becomes a toilet. Falls back to oxygen set for everything else. Individual icons for empty and full. (seat goes down when full) Plus flush sound effect for empty trash sound.read.me style instructions included. Tested on KDE4.4.5 should be fine for other 4.x.Rename "Trash"...
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Aug 16 2010

Fancy Panel backgrounds (2) Perfection

Various Stuff by dee2er
White mac style dock background not suiting your desktop?Two replacement backgrounds for the fancy panel style panel to suit Perfection plasma widget and Aurorae style. Should look better than the standard background with any daker plasma themes.One is wavy two toned mac style and the other is...
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Aug 12 2010

KDE Twitter Background 1.0

Various Stuff by liquidsky
A background image inspired by the offical KDE 4.5 Wallpaper. Made with GIMP. I hope you like it.
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Jul 11 2010

RSFSR Keyboard Layout indicator flag

Various Stuff by gnomino
It's interesting for Russians user only.Давно мозолил глаза власовско-колчаковский флаг на десктопе, запилил классововерный.install: copy file to /usr/share/locale/l10n/ru/flag.png
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Jun 13 2010
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Jun 11 2010

KDE4 Google Chrome Theme 'Sky'

Various Stuff by tomatz
Google-chrome theme based on Nuno Pinheiro's KDE4 air theme. The theme is not intended to be fully integrated into the KDE4 desktop environment as this is impossible at the moment. It is just intended to be more 'kde4 like'. Any feedback/suggestions welcome.PLEASE TEST!!!:)
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May 31 2010