Shutter Encoder 14.4

Video Converters by paulpacifico
Shutter Encoder is an video, audio and image converter based on FFmpeg and other great tools.It has been designed by video editors in order to be as accessible and efficient as possible.It's a swiss knife tool for any video editor.List of functions :- Without conversion :Cut without re-encoding,...
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5 hours ago

Cine Encoder 2020 3.0

Video Converters by helg
Cine Encoder for Linux is an application that allows you to convert media files while preserving HDR signals. NVENC hardware encoding for NVIDIA video cards is also supported for H265 and H264 modes. The following encoding modes are implemented: H265 NVENC (8, 10 bit) H265 (8, 10 bit) ...
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Nov 12 2020

videoliberator 1.0

Video Converters by haylem
Saludos a los amantes de software libre aquí dejo a disposición de ustedes un sencillo script para liberar su contenido multimedia tanto de audio como de video hacia un formato libre.La diferencia es notable en cuanto a calidad tamaño con un ajuste fino de audio y video para que ustedes...
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Nov 11 2020


Video Converters by hb882
Vitomu stands for VIdeo TO MUsic converter. It allows easy conversion of online and offline videos to audio files. Just drop a URL or a local video file on the target to start the conversion. The current version supports dropping URL's of Youtube videos, and dropping of local MKV and MP4...
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Nov 10 2020

MystiQ Video Converter 20.05.10-Beta2

Video Converters by swl-x
MystiQ is a GUI for FFmpeg, a powerful media converter. FFmpeg can read audio and video files in various formats and convert them into other formats. MystiQ features an intuitive graphical interface and a rich set of presets to help you convert media files within a few clicks. Advanced users can...
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6 .5
Apr 29 2020


Video Converters by hb882
ClipGrab is a free downloader and converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and many other online video sites.It converts downloaded videos to MPEG4, MP3 or other formats in just one easy step.NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
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Nov 08 2018

SimpleConvert 3.0

Video Converters by bartkessels
SimpleConvert is a small application to convert video and/or audio files to any filetype using ffmpeg. This application aims to provide an easy to understand interface so everyone will be able to use the power of ffmpeg.
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May 23 2018

Curlew 0.2.4

Video Converters by chamfay
Curlew Multimedia Converter:----------------------------Description:------------Easy to use, Free and Open-Source Multimedia converter for Linux.Curlew written in python and GTK3 and it depends on (ffmpeg/avconv).Main Features:- Easy to use with simple user interface.- Hide the advanced options...
Debian (.deb)
7 .1
May 15 2017

MKV Extractor Qt5 5.4.3

Video Converters by hizoka
Qt4 version here : http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/MKV+Extractor+Qt?content=165332This software (in python3 + Qt5) works with the Mastroka files (mkv).It can : - Extract the MKV tracks with mkvextract. - Verify the MKV file with mkvalidator. - Clean and optimize the MKV file with mkclean. -...
5 .8
Sep 28 2016

MKV Extractor Qt 5.3.0

Video Converters by hizoka
QT5 version here : http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php?content=170658This software (in python3 + Qt4) works with the Mastroka files (mkv).It can : - Extract the MKV tracks with mkvextract. - Verify the MKV file with mkvalidator. - Clean and optimize the MKV file with mkclean. - Convert the DTS...
7 .6
Nov 23 2015