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Test of Logo and Estela

Animated by bazza
Logo And Estela are two fanatical friends of the LOGO BASIC and Stella the console of Atari. His anti-Adventures are like two youngsters has to search in the life to follow with his passions retros. Logo y Estela son dos amigas fanáticas del LOGO BASIC y Stella la consola de Atari. Sus...
animation arts cartoon anime video
Nov 27 2018
2. - Scene 11 take 12

Animated by bazza
In some big metropoles covered by a big dome, the poor people are turned into robots, removing them of all humanity, workers of the exploitation of the last resources of a barren earth turned into a big desert. The few people that can escape of this cruel destination take refuge in small cities...
sci-fi arts animation cartoon synfig video
Nov 21 2018