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La Capi - Capitana Interestelar

Animated by bazza
The Capi is surprised when it is attacked
scifi animation cartoons space video
Mar 12 2021


Animated by bazza
In some big metropoles covered by a big dome, the poor people are turned into robots, removing them of all humanity, workers of the exploitation of the last resources of a barren earth turned into a big desert. The few people that can escape of this cruel destination take refuge in small cities...
cyberpunk cartoon comix scifi robot video
Nov 20 2020
3. - Animation Skene 4 - draft

Animated by bazza
4232 is a sci-fi animation short film, for its realization draw thousands of drawings, now it is in the editing phase this is an arduous work in which the lack of resources and time make a big difference. For example, in many scenes, it takes more than 24 hours to see the final result, with...
scifi city cartoon paint draw video
Feb 19 2020