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This is a set of tools to make some Chromium/Google Chrome resources hackable without any need to rebuild.
You can e.g. change windeco buttons, tab shapes, toolbuttons, etc., which are unthemeable by default.

The package consists of two parts:
1. A utility to extract and recreate chromium *.pak resource files (chrome-pak-extract.tar.bz2)
2. A sample set of windeco buttons to replace default non-themable chromium ones (wm-buttons.tar.bz2)

To theme windeco buttons you have to follow these steps:

 1. Install chrome-pak-extract package using something like the following instructions (assuming you have extracted the outmost tarball):

tar xvf chrome-pak-extract.tar.bz2
cd chrome-pak-extract
sudo make install

 2. Locate your chrome.pak. In Ubuntu it resides in /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chrome.pak
 3. Extract chrome.pak with the following command:

mkdir /tmp/chromium-resources && pak-extract /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chrome.pak /tmp/chromium-resources

 4. Make sure that the copy-to-chrome script in the second package copies the files to correct resource IDs (the names like 15a3.png correspond to ID.png)
 5. Extract the second package, wm-buttons.tar.bz2
 6. Run the script with the following command:

copy-to-chrome path/to/button-images/ /tmp/chromium-resources

, where path/to/button-images is either path to opaque or to transparent directories of wm-buttons.tar.bz2
 The opaque versions are just cropped screenshots of real oxygen buttons, while transparent ones are the same things with bg color changed to alpha in GIMP. The transparent ones might be good to adapt to your color scheme, but they don't look best because of some strange chromium behavior.
 7. Now create a new resource package with button images replaced:

pak-pack /tmp/chromium-resources /tmp/chrome.pak

 8. Now you have your replacement chrome.pak. First, make sure you have a backup of your old package:

sudo mv /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chrome.pak{,.bak}

 9. And install the new one:

sudo cp /tmp/chrome.pak /usr/lib/chromium-browser/

Now make sure that your chromium starts and works as expected, without any red rectangles instead of window controls, and look at windeco buttons. If you have any problems with chromium look, you can revert the changes with this command:
sudo cp /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chrome.pak{.bak,}

I'm looking forward to see some nice themes for now themable Chromium controls ;)
Last changelog:

8 years ago

Dec 2 2012 Fixed pak v1 creation
Dec 2 2012 Fixed max/unmax button position
Dec 1 2012 Initial release

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8 years ago

Dec 2 2012 Fixed pak v1 creation
Dec 2 2012 Fixed max/unmax button position
Dec 1 2012 Initial release

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A theming and window decoration engine for unifying Qt and GTK-based applications look.