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Keramikzilla Noia is a theme for Mozilla to make it have the same look as the KDE programs with the Keramik style and the Noia icon set.

You should have the Geramik theme for GTK instaled because the tab bar widget needs it to be displayed properly. If you don't use tabs you're strange, man ;) but then you won't need Geramik. I'm working to make it not need it and in the version 1.0 it won't, but meanwhile you can get Geramik at:

Important note: This theme has been made for Mozilla 1.3.x, 1.4.x, 1.5.x and 1.6.x. It WON'T work with other versions of Mozilla. Also, it doesn't work with Firebird, but the port will come, just be patient.

Keramikzilla Noia is based on Keramikzilla Crystal GT. You can get it at:

Thanks to Carlitus for his Noia icon set. You can get it at:

How to install

If you already have Keramikzilla installed and want to make an update, just remove the previous version of Keramikzilla and install this new one.

· Extract the files anywhere you want
· Open the index.html file in Mozilla (you don't need to be 'root')
· Click the link "Click here to install Keramikzilla"
· Restart Mozilla
· 'View' menu - Apply theme - Keramikzilla Noia
· Restart Mozilla again
· Enjoy!

If you want, you may delete the downloaded files once the theme is installed.

Víctor Fernández Martínez
Last changelog:

17 years ago

· Version 0.7.1: Initial release, based on Keramikzilla Crystal GT 0.7.1.


17 years ago

This is a really nice theme for Mozilla. Even works (and looks) good under Mozilla for Windows. Thanks!


17 years ago

· Version 0.7.1: Initial release, based on Keramikzilla Crystal GT 0.7.1.

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