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A theme I'm working on, not at all finished consider it alpha atm. Someone wanted to try it out and I have no place else to upload to so here it is....Expect MANY changes to this theme ;] Also any feedback is appreciated


11 years ago

hey plb,

I had a look at your Metacity-Theme today. This thing would be, what I am searching for, for using it together with the desert icons (I have them already installed, but have no nice Metaccity-theme for them).
You asked also for some feedback.

So here is my feedback: this is a good start into the ritght direction. But could you mix a very bit of more occer-colour and yellowish sandcolour (similar to the desert icons) into the colour of your Metacity-theme, make the cormers a bit more round and make it work together with the desert-icons?
And could you - perhaps - in the end rename it as "Desert-Theme", correspon-ding to the desert-icons??

And could you publish a ppa-repository for Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10) of it, when it is so far stable that it is usable?
This would be a thing like I would be searching for.

I hope, you are now not too angry with me for my feedback. But I believe - if you did these little changes - that your theme would get great resonance of your audience.

Thanks for your time and I am looking forward to the development of this theme.

Kind regards,



15 years ago

nice one.

please upload this to http://art.ubuntu.com/

Thank you!


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Metacity was the default window manager used by the GNOME 2 desktop environment until it was replaced by Mutter in GNOME 3.  Wikipedia