Remove Hidden Backup files in current Di

Nautilus Scripts

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Requires Zenity for pop-up reminder dialog box and- in ubuntu Gutsy - it's already installed. This is a script when selected in the current directoy will in one full swoop delete all hidden backup files that get automade when pressing save in gedit and so forth. :)

Yes it delets both hidden dot backup files and non-hidden ones in one script.

Add to the nautilus script folder and right-click properties - tab = permissions and make sure u the owner have execute permissions & or the execute box is checked.

Also NOTE that u don't have to have them show up first to delete them, altho u won't see them get deleted if u don't - that's the only diff. :)
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1.0 - upload to site. :)

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12 years ago

1.0 - upload to site. :)

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