METROlux menu with CLOUD inst.

GnoMenu Skins

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


Preview latest PRO theme:

Free 1.6 GB ISO DVD download,
Full configured on Linux mint:

METROluxPRO with cloud apps & MS Office 365 cloud.

Bundle BLUE7 with METROlux based on Linux Mint17.

Download & install your full working system now.

Or see the homepage link.


You can start direct the cloud apps with this free version.

Plugged:Cloud apps & 10 Gb + 15 Gb storage.

The menu works with this icons:


NEW with easy installer.

Download & unpack the auto menu installer & uninstaller.

just double klik on it and restart your Gnomenu after select this version.

Installer dont start?

-Open your terminal and type:
then your root password.

cd /the-location-untarred-download/

Then you must see the location and you can find the installer with the command:


copy the name of the installer and type:


and paste the the installer name:

you get:


now press enter and click to install.

version -- howto cloud apps
------------------- OneDrive
------------------- Google Drive
------------------- OwnCloud demo
------------------- some browser changes
------------------- update icons.

A update with serveral NEW cloud apps and MS office online with the free version of METROlux PRO menu!.

For professional users, and advertising
SEE The INFO menu.

First use:
- Install GnoMenu with your distribution manager.
- Please install the "midori" browser (search in google)to let the info,help and cloud function work.

There are 3 necessairy maps & files to complete the menu.

1-install the download on the bottom.

2-install this download:

Download and extract this one in a map on your system and klick on the installer.

( In METROluxIItiles i have embedded the tiles and applet)

3- install locations:
the METROluxIItiles:

the auto installer & un installer installs the map "3D@pro-" in:


launcher is installed in:



All the menus Works perfect with great performance and usability.

If you are interested to the binairy installer (Windows installer for Linux)
with all the necessairy components an a install script for the applications you need.
You can install it with simple mouse clicks.

please contact me.

You can get the METROlux theme in a PRO and a home version.

Thanks for your interest in my menus.
If you are interested in the commercial versions Grafeen (Graphene) €19,- with support,own language and a script that install all the applications and implemented plugins.

Please sent a email to
First you receive a link and information so you can downloaded it from the server.

All the versions *can be modified with personal preferences.

The goal is to make a usefull menu that have a complete furnished desktop for non nerd, that
everyone can modify, with one install that runs with exactly the same look and feel on any flavor of linux with supporting apllications on other systems as Microsoft office 365, onedrive, cloudapss, builtin manuals and more.

The first layout was W8.

* The cost to modify versions are not included.

If you want more menus or information for a personal menu : please contact me.


4 years ago

It ain't bad. I admire your holding out for what you enjoy. Goes on a tablet. Regards.



6 years ago

I installed this out of curiousity, I really dislike Win 8 for this.
But your version looks great, must have been a lot of work. Thanks!




6 years ago

Dear Looks

Thanx for your interest in the menu your work for installing this and the information in your comment.
It's very usefull for us to build more menus.

There are more versions under construction.

If you are interested in the Grafeen (Graphene) version in your laguage please sent a email:




6 years ago

Great for mimicking a W8 PC :). Can this also be done for KDE SC?




6 years ago

Thanx for your comment!

I will look for it and do a test.

First i have to install KDE and take a look to how GnoMenu runs on KDE SC or if i can modify it.

can you tell me the distribution you work with?

with regards





6 years ago

Thanks for your answer. I am using siduction (Debian Sid).




6 years ago

Hi Janet

The first test with KDE4 has a beautiful result.

Plasma works,i have only enabled the desktop effects to let the menu work.

Disable Gnomenu when you select "Desktop in the right corner to add a widget,thats the only thing i have found.

a preview here:.

This test was on a fedora distro.

I gonna test now a gnomemu tarball for deb and rpm. distros.

If i have tested those i will post it here.




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