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8 years ago

Thankyou Superwolfe. So glad to have an all dark theme. Staring at black text on a white background gives me eyestrain and headaches. It's like reading text off a light bulb. A computer screen is NOT the same as looking at paper.
This theme will save me 40 hours a week of annoyance and crabbiness.



9 years ago

Is there an easy way to adjust the font color? I'm loving this theme, absolutely loving it, but the black text with file names on my desktop, coupled with the very very dim gray that appears in Libre Office Spreadsheet + Chromium is a bit much. Is there any way to flop the black desktop text to white and then brighten up the Chromium/Libre Office font? Once done, wow, this theme would be easily the best dark theme out there.



8 years ago

I also would like to be able to change the desktop font color. I have tried editing the gnome-applications.css file, but this has not worked for me. Is there any way to get white font on the desktop?


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