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A simple and dark GTK colorscheme. It needs a recent version of the Murrine engine to look as you see it here.

The colors can be customized.

The goal of this theme is to provide a very dark theme, but no "invisible text", obvious differences between foreground and background highlights/selections, and high usability all around.

I do use this theme as my default, so I hope you can do the same without any drawbacks to your computing.

To install, drag and drop the tarball to Appearance Preferences, or extract to
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11 years ago

First release.


11 years ago

Have always wanted a dark theme where the text was visible. Your theme does that plus I love the orange texts, its in Ubuntu flavor and also resembles my other favorite, Yamaha audio equipments have orange as default for their display.

Just one issue which I am sure can be worked out, with Open Office 3.1 selecting options makes it crash. This symptom goes away once I deselect this theme and use another theme.




11 years ago

I'm glad you like it. Unfortunately, I'm not running that version of OpenOffice yet. If you run Writer from terminal, for example, are there any error messages shown on terminal?

I'm glad you like the color! The colors can be customized of course, if you prefer green etc. I'm starting to wonder if I should have given the theme a different name illustrating that.

I have another theme in the works (basically a port of this one) to use the hcengine (high contrast) rather than murrine... It is simple, but renders quite a bit faster.



11 years ago

First release.

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