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This is a screenshot from the project M visualizations. I took random screenshots and selected the ones which can work as a wallpaper. Project M visualizations, once installed as one package, will add about 500 visualizations to Amarok.

Edit: Everytime I scroll by this wallpaper I have to laugh. And the more it's voted down the more I'm laughing, because I just imagine these people who go like: "What? Ewwww! Don't like that one."


13 years ago

Neat design, but the name is horrid. That's probably the reason for a lot of the bad votes.




13 years ago

No, no, don't worry, almost all my stuff has negative rates, this one being the second worst I think. That's why I have to laugh everytime I see it because the title is so funny. How uncool and especially humorless must someone be, to be confused by the title in the sense of actually voting down the image. BTW, the worst rating I got has the word "Israel" in the title. The best rating has, in my opinion the absolute worst wallpaper, but, that's how it goes:-) I suspect people have an extremist opinion of what a wallpaper should be. Most people keep a wallpaper for several months, so they are very conservative toward what works for them and what not. That's ok, but it doesn't hurt to come in and stir the market and slap them around a bit so to say...


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