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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


It is derived of my earlier work "Galaxies Around Midnight".

Once I had set the viewpoint of the camera right I rendered and came up with the shapes I wanted, but the colors sucked. So I kept on fiddling around with the channel features of my IMP, added some effects and placed a KDE on the upper right edge. Yes now I've got a KDE-related background too, hey ;)

Tell me if the KDE or the cmue81..blahblah tag bugs you - i can send / put up an image without the annoyance. This is just for an 'in-case' :-P

It's supposed to help people burn out there eyes *L* (greetings go to Spiral Man) ;o]

comments & mails are always welcome ö)


.. deepweep

ps: all my images are png quality - so they make take a while to download, the preview is jpg though, for faster previewing ;)

ps2: like it? click on deepweep way up there to get all the stuff *lol*

ps3: i'm in a somewhat major trouble please see the 800x600 version of this image for details, thanks in advance :)

ps4: name & e-mail as shown in the preview are not on the big sized pic, somebody meant it looks more professional when left off ;)


19 years ago

as i didn't get any help, i decided to find out myself, why i couldn't upload my former images - they were as it turns out now, too big. So this is not the best it can get - please mail me if you need the big size high quality png version roughly 1.6 mb ;) - this is also an png but I reduced colors in it, so in the upper right corner you may notice some pitfalls

take care, chris


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