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This is just the result of a work for a Wallpaper creation I created for Intilinux Projects!

InTiLinuX Projects has been created by the popular Italian Blog InTiLinuX and provides for free many vital instruments for Open Source programmers out there, such as an svn and trunk set. If you’ve got interesting Italian programs needing the instruments to grow or if you just have an interesting and innovative idea to apply in the Open Source and Gnu / Linux community, than don’t hesitate and visit InTiLinux Projects. Offered services are: svn, viewVC, trac, mercurial, git and bzr

Please visit it and my Home Page too.
I resealed several images to create something nice for this blog's project. Of course, the blog owner preferes some of the pictures above others but I thought it would have been in any case necessary to release them all, so that anyone can enjoy the one he prefers! :D
Hope you like at least one of this pictures ;)
If you do, please visit my blog and Intilinux Projects too!

Pictures created only with Open Source Software:
- evolvotron
- the gimp
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Feb 17 2013
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