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9 years ago

For a time her heart uneasiness of the mess. This is Yu Huang clan wear things too, so send yu Huang of the people, must be the person beside Taizong, he will be? Kang fear, will not it?A thought to this, her heart is surprised. Looking back hard childhood that person's voice and facial expression, but since the mirror was as elusive as the morning mist flower floating among the general, in any case can not remember.Shao six he tried to[url=" ] wholesale coach purses [/url] pursue, Tuting behind someone said: "Shao six, do not say in this matter, and the palace of the people living thing, nor is it a two."Shao six hand over the sound of "Yes", then shut the mouth unwilling to stand aside.Into the night, blind to the Rongse Huo Chen, at the ten feet away, driving a cluster of fire, flames flickering in the night wind, his clothes also ethereal light as the wind down, people such as Mirage general.Han Guang front of the cage like a layer of gauze, the heart of man is half-half magic memory is not really real, Han Guang heart of a dynamic, blurted out, asked one: "His Royal Highness visited Lonely childhood to Temple?""I never been to." Huo Chen A very straightforward, floating words, the weight of the heart will suddenly shed Han Guang, Suddenly my heart a song."How, you're sure to find a man?" Huo Chen sun and wind voices in general, with some gentle tempting intended.Han Guang once said: "just listen to Shaogong Gong, said it found out that such a precious jade Huang, [url=" ] wholesale coach bags [/url]Lonely is the Royal Temple temple, it seems that was the royal man-. This one thought, phrase joke when a child not really. ""And so on back to the capital, the king for you to find him, I assure you, you call the shots for the king."Han Guang hollow laugh: "His Royal Highness mind the world, it can not take the trouble to His Royal Highness and other little things to worry about.""As a king, they have to love the people such as children, people matter, are not trivial, Moreover, this way you and I have worked with adversity, affection unusual, in any case to make your wish come true, can be considered the king thanks to you. "Huo Chen's Song of the words even more. Han Guang busy: "Going Hanguangmen think it best, everything can not be forced."Huo Chen said: "Could you think, or do the king's Liangdi better?"Han Guang suddenly have nothing to say, and quickly applied for a ceremony: "His Royal Highness go to bed [url=" ] cheap juicy couture handbags[/url]earlier, Han Guang retire."After hastily turned her eyes Chen Huo Zi felt still in the top of her back. She always felt Huo Chen Hualiyouhua, with a trace of ambiguity can not tell Road unclear, but unsure whether it is why she seems to be stuck in a whirlpool, but not avoid the rapids know, are kept inside, Siege four general.Huo Chen denied that he had been Lonely Temple, and finally put her heart, but that sense of deja vu is often a casual look at him, out of an action between the revealed, she suddenly hesitated, she is seen he? Why she did not want it?Strike camp early the next day when the weather is gloomy, people would eat dry food with water, then hurry off. Sky has been overcast, but not until the sun chenshi also appeared, but after a while child, actually float rain.If your spring oil, [url=" ] San Diego Chargers jerseys [/url]moisten things silently, in a misty mountain □ cage into the drizzling rain, such as ink Dan. But there is no rain gear, when no one determined to enjoy this spring rain scene, more and more anxious to hurry.Moment effort, Han Guang who have been Linde wet, very hard to get.Boundless wilderness on both sides of the road, are fertile, did not place a shelter from the rain, Chen Huo galloped a small half hour, finally saw a street not far from the mountain temple, the subconscious will read two.Shao six once said: "Your Highness, this moment is also not stop the rain, His Royal Highness who have hurt, or go to a shelter to avoid it."



19 years ago

You cannot post copyrighted material here. I hope you understand why ...



19 years ago

That is a great background, and I was tempted to bring it to work if not for the icon in the corner with 'playboy' in it. I can clone this out, but i shouldn't have to. I know I'd get stupid cracks from my coworkers about this.


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