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Grayscale version of 8-bit, created by request for worthlesspieceoftrash. Zip file contains four sizes: 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 1024x768 and 800x600. Made with Sodipodi and The Gimp.

I'm was considering not upload my art here anymore. Some people apparently find amusement in giving my work low scores. If it wasn't for the few people that have been nice to me, I'd say to hell with this place.

Personally, I don't think the graphics on kde-look even come close to professional quality wallpapers found at art.gnome.org (mine included but I try). I don't know what the deal is with KDE and bad taste but it needs to stop. It makes KDE look ugly and unprofessional. Go take a look at art.gnome.org and you'll see what I mean, they're stuff makes kde-look bad by comparison.

Flame me all you want but that won't change the fact that art.gnome.org's art is better and more professional.


17 years ago

Gnome may have better wallpapers than KDE, but they don't have as many as this site has. I think they might be selective of the wallpapers submitted. Also they have more wallpapers in the "Gnome" section than the "Other" section.



17 years ago

Hey, YO THE MAN!!!
I didn't actually expect you to do it, that shows that you obviously someone who respects the people who use your creations.
Thanks again for doing my request, and it is perfect to what I had in mind!!
This is THE wallpaper


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