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I admit that this has 'christian' elements and so I guess this is both a disclaimer and statutory warning: use with caution. I'm not trying to make a religious statement with this photo... just appreciating this shot... and the place where I live (which is near this building). Thanks for not criticizing me for uploading this photo in advance. :)


13 years ago

why put factors in life like religions ?
didnt you even notice if their is a religion it will be only 1 thing
and by the way i dont think it will be called religion but it will be called something strong something that must be in our heart .

and if their is a religion it will be something with authentic pure with no mistakes no contradictions and by nature you can see the truth.

i can say that yourself your head is maybe something you dont want to know , if you go deep by understanding what a soul is and how it comes y ou will seek for the truth rather then be blind and follow your parents footsteps blindly , born in a blind religion wihtout knowing it but penetrated your head to an equation that your in the right path.

hope you see the truth soon .
see preists and preachers reverting to the true path :) my sayins maybe in low quality but in that site its better talked to
im sorry if i hurt anyone but i am minding my bussiness by posting this post hope you understand.



13 years ago

Hey, easy on the spam.



13 years ago

Can't see what should be wrong with religious content. I'm not religious myself, but can value culture as anyone else - and anyway, OSS is pretty much a religion in itself, to many.



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