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Ubuntu Lucid Light Field,
Wallpaper, made in GIMP.

I was looking at an Ubuntu site today (french) lol
and I came across a screenshot of someones desktop with a cool background, only it was in grey scale and tiny.

So I used "" a reverse image search engine,
and found the original where it had come from.
It was called "vista light field"

So I removed everything but the original pattern,
Merged my own gradient with it, played around a little,
and this is what I came out with. lol

I made a few different slight variations (5 of them),
and Kept the original, without any text/logos,
and created a .zip archive.

I think this is my favorite one Ive done so far,
So I wanted to share it.

I was really just making it for my own desktop,
but what fun is it to keep it to yourself if there's a chance someone else might also dig it. lol

So, in the file ~ is the background with no text/logos,
and 5 other minor variations on the text/logos,
(ie, one with white and orange logo, one with black logo,
2 with 'linux for human beings' in diff. spots. with text/logo.
One with white and red logo) .

I could have probably done more to make it better,
but I'm tired. (and pretty much a n00b) lol

Sorry it's only one size, for now.
It was a weird size originally, and I didnt change it....
yet.. lol

second preview is the WP on my desktop.


10 years ago

You did it ... this is great:)




10 years ago

Thanks Lex!

much appreciated mate. <3

I also really love your new Wp, the Ubuntu sunburst/spacey/flare looking one.. that is fantastic bro. <3


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