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This post was more of a statement than something new and cool. I have nothing against Aqua, XP, or the color blue, but does EVERY screenshot and every wallpaper have to be it? Just look at the last two pages of latest content, it's all blue (Ok, no the coffee splash). I figured I'd make something attractive but not aqua. It's dark, it's orange, it's useable. It doesn't look like Mac or XP or BeOS or , but it looks good.

Now for the grand explanation (I spent 5 whole minutes on this you know...):
0. KDE2.2.2: it's on a mission-critical debian box. I can wait for deb packages :)
1. Background: it's kde3blue, part of kdeartwork, gimpped up. Nothing special. A few layers, reversed and toyed with the color.
2. Xft: Pretty anti-aliased fonts in GTK and QT. Uses sub-pixel for extra "purtypoints".
3. Panel: Except for my buttons, everything else hides on the child panel in the first shot. With shading, the taskbar is damn near useless.
4. Icons: Slick. Need I say more?
5. Xaos: KDE people like pretty stuff, right???
6. The whole she-bang: Lemmie know what you guys think, but is anyone else here tired of blue? As a useful tid-bit, if you like black and orange, reversing the color on any white-blue bg will do that! Happy for us orange-o-maniacs.


18 years ago

Could you make a version in blue?

Sorry, sorry, couldn't resist! :oD

/me ducks and runs

Seriously, though, it does look pretty cool.



18 years ago

Just one problem, please take out the ALmost ;-) KDE 3 was just released and I like pretending I have it.


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