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This is the second wallpaper in my Kubuntu Glass Mascot series. Please note that this is just a sketch, as I still want to give it some touches.

What do you think? As always, I'll be glad to hear your suggestions.

(The download is a 1280x1024 png, and the preview is a 1024x768 jpg. The final version will be larger.)


13 years ago

Your Edgy Eft wallpaper served as my cubecaps in Beryl for a long time - I had given up on seeing an equivalent piece for Feisty. Glad I was wrong. :-)

Just a few minor issues though.
1) I think it might look better if the legs on its other side were drawn in also.
2) Given the lengths of its front and hind legs, it almost looks more like a kangaroo than a fawn.
3) Umm... That little curve on its upper torse - is that supposed to be breasts?

Sorry, I don't mean to tear your work apart or anything. It's just I'd *really* like to see this piece reach the level of polish that the Edgy Eft one did. :-)




13 years ago

First of all, thanks for the comments...

As I said, this is just a sketch; I've been a little busy, so I couldn't make this right as I want it to be. I hope I can before Gutsy comes out.



13 years ago

Amazing! Probably my favorite Kubuntu wallpaper of all time.


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