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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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This patch removes the quite annoying arrow left of the newsticker (doesn't it look much sleeker now? =)
just the same as for (kicker) frame be gone, should work with almost any file, don't think they've changed too much but i 'designed' it using the file from kde 3.3 beta2, if anything doesn't work as it should feel free to solve it yourself or mail me the files so i can take a look at them.

To use:
patch -p0 < arrow-be-gone.patch (in .../kdenetwork...)
Last changelog:

16 years ago

0.1 - Initial Release


15 years ago

I didn't understand the instructions as well. It seems to be a wonderfull patch, though. Is there a way to have the border-be-gone to?? I use a black background and the white border is quite anoying. Please be more specific about installation.



16 years ago

I can't work out where I'm supposed to run the patch command.

What exactly does (in .../kdenetwork...) mean? Where is that supposed to be? I don't have a directory called kdenetwork anywhere.

It seems to be looking for a file called knewsticker.cpp but I don't a file by that name anywhere...

[root@continuity root]# updatedb
[root@continuity root]# locate knewsticker.cpp
[root@continuity root]#

I have kdenetwork-3.3.1-0.0.2 and kdenetwork-devel-3.3.1-0.0.2 installed.

Any pointers much appreciated. I would really like the arrow to be gone!


16 years ago

0.1 - Initial Release

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