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I took the default Breeze Light theme and made all the panel related stuff a slightly transparent black.

For Plasma 5.21, I recommend changing the panel padding to 0 to fix the dead space around the widgets.

The "AlphaBlack Control" widget ( will be automatically installed to quickly change the theme's colors or the panel transparency. It should appear in the system tray after relogging with widgets unlocked.

* [Pager] I removed the transparent blue fill on the active desktop in the pager, instead using just a white outline to show which is selected (similar to dexpot).
* [Tasks] Don't use a solid fill on minimized tasks.

After installing, run the following to set the panel / breeze window border colors.
python3 ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/breeze-alphablack/ set theme.accentColor 0,0,0

=[ Other Stuff ]=
Volume Mixer:
Win7 Show Desktop:
Alt+Tab Skin:
Last changelog:

v19 - February 25 2021 9 days ago

* Refactor `panel-background.svg` to reuse the `dialog/background.svg`.
* Add thick margins to the panel svg to support Plasma 5.21's Margin Separator widgets. A 24px panel will have a 1px thick margin. A 30px panel will have a 4px thick margin. A 38px panel will have a 8px thick margin.


4 years ago

Can you please give a link to the wallpaper? :)




4 years ago

Hello fellow WoT fan! :D

Wallpaper's Source:


v19 - February 25 2021 9 days ago

* Refactor `panel-background.svg` to reuse the `dialog/background.svg`.
* Add thick margins to the panel svg to support Plasma 5.21's Margin Separator widgets. A 24px panel will have a 1px thick margin. A 30px panel will have a 4px thick margin. A 38px panel will have a 8px thick margin.

v18 - December 11 2020 2 months ago

* Fix pale popups caused by the Background Contrast Desktop Effect (Issue #21). Added `ContrastEffect` properties in `metadata.desktop` in an attempt to fix it, however the proper fix was to ship a pre-generated `dialogs/background.svg`.
* Refactor `background.svg` to add `dialog.radius` which doesn't really work well.
* Fix `resettitlebarcolors` mentioned in AlphaBlackControl's Issue 2.
* Only use blue shifted DecorationFocus for Complementary colors (Issue #20)
* Set Header color group to fix white `plasmoidheading.svg` in Plasma 5.20

v17 - June 16 2020 8 months ago

* Added `widgets/plasmoidheading.svg` to show the solid notification heading like Breeze. It's only displayed if the current theme has the svg, it does not inherit this svg.
* Removed all deprecated `` scripts. Use the `` subcommands.

v16 - March 15 2020 11 months ago

* Move `` etc into `` as subcommands. Eg: `python3 set dialog.opacity 0.7`. The existing scripts are deprecated and will be removed in the next version.
* Add ability to set dialog padding with `python3 set dialog.padding 2`. Note that you need to close a popup and reopen it to see the change in padding. You may need to run the command a few times for it to take effect.

v15 - March 17 2019 1 year ago

* Cleanup the desktop widget background svg coordinates (`widget/background.svg`).
* Use Breeze's rectangle new rounded corner popup dialog svg from KDE Frameworks 5.56.
* Fix the dialog popup color (when using a custom opacity) broken by the Qt 5.12.2 update. The default dialog popups and tooltips will be fixed in KDE Frameworks 5.56.2 or 5.57.0.

v14 - December 15 2018 2 years ago

* Use Breeze's rectangle corner popup svg. Somewhere along the line this theme ended up using a different svg with round corners for some reason.
* Add `` to set the selection/highlight color.

v13 - October 12 2018 2 years ago

* Hide the panel shadow when the panel opacity is set below 30% (`0.3`).
* Update the desktop widget background to use the same look as breeze.
* Add `` to change the panel/widget/titlebar text color.
* Fix `` not working for color schemes installed in the home directory (`~/.local/share/color-scheme/`. It previously only worked for color schemes in the root directory (`/usr/share/color-scheme/`). This fix also scans all color schemes when the color scheme filename is not the typical `{ColorSchemeName}.colors` (Eg: "Breeze Solarized Light" uses "BreezeSolarizedLight.colors").
* Add `` script to revert all changes.

v12 - July 26 2018 2 years ago

* Add and to easily reset the titlebar color. v3 of the widget has buttons that will run these scripts.

v11 - June 24 2018 2 years ago

* Remove the opache and transparent folders which don't appear to do anything (they aren't overriding breeze).
* Add new templates + scripts to set the panel popups/dialog opacity, and the desktop widget opacity. The new scripts are and Both work the same as

v10 - May 29 2018 2 years ago

* Follow color scheme when compositor is off. Gets rid of white outline when compositor is off.
* Add breeze's widgets/tabbar.svg, as Plasma doesn't allow it to "inherit" this svg. This fixes/adds the "popup is open" blue line.
* Add alternative tasks.svg where the line is on the outside/edge of the screen line Windows 10. Use the config widget, or the script, to change to it.
* "Unzip" the svgz into svg, and cleanup the xml.

v9 - February 20 2017 4 years ago

* Fix panel opacity script so it can be run anywhere.

v8 - January 21 2017 4 years ago

* Add a script to set the panel opacity.

v7 4 years ago

* Fix the minimized tasks svg (showed nothing instead of looking like a "normal" task)
* Use a hardcoded #f67400 orange for highlighted tasks instead of the NeutralText color from the color scheme.

v6 4 years ago

* Use the Breeze 5.8 tasks.svg (thinner line), but with minimized tasks looking the same as a normal task.

v5 4 years ago

* Add script to change the color.

4 years ago

v3 - June 16 2016

* Theme progressbar in tasks.

v2 - June 15 2016

* Got rid of the white line at the top of the panel
* Got rid of the pink spot in the pager

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