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From the very beginning this Theme Package was designed to be a complete system makeover from startup to shutdown. This includes a Grub Splash image and a Boot Splash theme for Splashy. Also included is a complete sound theme, using the silvertheme system sounds from hermes.

I have included the Splashy deb package for Kubuntu users as well as the theme package. As always there are complete instructions for installation and setup.

All background images are 1280 X 800 except for the Splashy backgrounds which are 1024 X 768

This is a complete system theme package put together from various packages at, and a background I got off the Internet. I as the packager only cleaned up and fixed small issues. I did create the KDM, Ksplash and Splashy packages using existing works but none of the artwork is mine. The following elements from were used to create this package:

The Background Wallpaper is from the original wallpaper was on a white background, no artist name given. I took the original image and converted it to a 256 Grayscale png to sharpen the edges and then superimposed that over the brushed metal background originally used in my Light_Metal_Tux theme.

Kickoff buttons are from the ALSO7A KBFX Button set by Andre Luiz. Converted by me for use with Kickoff.

Ksplash Screen is by me

KDM theme is by me

The Icons used in the KDM Theme are from and are free to use in non commercial applications.

Cursors are the Nouveau set by anl0ne. There are four sets but the Onyx Small looks the best with this scheme.

Color Scheme is by me, a simple modified version of ljogerst's Linux Grey color scheme renamed to BlackNSilver

System Sounds are the silvertheme sey by hermes

The Steel Icon set by Michael Doches is included in my package. Those wanting the Dark-Glass Icon set will need to download it from here:

Sorry to use RapidShare but BestSharing is having upload issues again. Do Not Use KGet to download this file as RapidShare balks when you do.


11 years ago

awesome theme. would very much like to use it, but... where's the download link?


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*Needs pling-store or ocs-url to install things
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