Scribus Beginner's Tutorial, Chapter 1

Scribus Templates

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


This tutorial is made for Scribus-1.3.x.

The "Document Information Description" has this to say:

"A selfdescribing Scribus-made document intended
to be used as a playground for the user. It
encourages interactive usage inside Scribus (and
thusly loosing its "selfdescriptive" property,
depending on how cruel the user's mood for
modification is)."

This first chapter is made for Letter paper, not A4, because the tutorial will be used in the US too. If you want to print it on A4, export to PDF first and use the "fit to page" option in the printer driver to print it. (In CUPS the commandline parameter to use is "-o fitplot=true").

I intend to add more chapters over time, maybe those will be done in A4.

Help, suggestions, translations and additional chapters are welcome.
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15 years ago

- initial upload (only 1 chapter finished, more to come in future versions)



3 months ago

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15 years ago

To provide tutorials is a nice idea, but they should aim to be professional:
*the justification looks poor, too much whitespace gaps, like in
*Although stated that the tutorial is made for Scribus-1.3.x., it doesn't fit, e.g. "Go to the top menu item of your Scribus main window that is labelled 'Tools.'", but the menus in Scribus 1.3.1 are File, Edit, Style, Item, Insert, Page, View, Extras, Script, Windows, Help


15 years ago

- initial upload (only 1 chapter finished, more to come in future versions)

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