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- Back in the day, gnome-do had a plugin that would show the currently playing track. It was perfect for finding what song was playing without interrupting your work flow.
- Ubuntu 11.04 with the Unity search makes launchers like gnome-do less needed, so I had to find another way.
- This script is a modified version of (

What it does
This script uses DBus to communicate with Banshee. It then uses notify-send to create a desktop notification. It is most useful when mapped to a keyboard shortcut. I also have poking top right corner of the screen with the mouse set to run it.

Depends on
Banshee 2.*
python 2.*

Installation Instructions
1. Download File (if it opens in web browser, just hit [ctrl]+
2. Make sure file is executable:
__ a) Graphical: right-click, properties, permissions, and select "allow executing file as a program"
__ b) Command Line: sudo chmod 755 ./
3. Install dependencies (above)
4. Open banshee and start playing a song.
5. Run script from terminal or double-click in file manger.
6. Map keyboard shortcut: to do this, run gnome-keybinding-properties and add a new entry.
7. Alternatively, you can use compizconfig-settings-manager (ccsm) to set keyboard shortcuts and hot-corners.
8. For slightly faster running speed, you can precompile the python code using:
__a) python -m compileall ./
__b) sudo chmod 755 ./conkyBansheemod.pyc
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