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this application is useful for colorizing a preexisting theme, the files of the theme that will be colorized are indicated by the "theme-name".tcconf files,
the application is provided with the tcconf files for the Ambiance and Radiance themes, and the tcconf for Humanity icon themes,
but the tcconf files for others themes are also easy to make.

the new created theme can be easily installed with another personalization tool like Unity Tweak Tool, GNOME Tweak Tool or Ubuntu-Tweak

simple video tutorial:
Last changelog:

5 years ago

* Added filtering capabilities
* Added Humanity tcconf
* Added and fixed other small things



5 years ago

At first I couldn't create a new theme - I guess because I tried to save it where the Ambiance theme was. But it worked well when I saved it under my home directory.

It might be very complicated but it would be MAGIC if we were also allowed -- in the future -- to individually colorize Sidebar bgcolor (e.g. Nautilus) and Toolbar, Menubar, Tabbar bgcolors for for both GTK2 & GTK3 apps (e.g. Synaptic, LibreOffice, Google Chrome / Chromium, KKEdit - my favorite text editor)

For instance, Ambiance have all those bgcolors standard silver grey, which not only results in inconsistency but also visibility issues for the whitish monochrome icons used for dark themes.



6 years ago

Have to hand to you people at Noobslab! When it comes to something that can be extremely useful, beneficial and make things look great you are right on top of it!

This is an absolute gem for those of us that want to get those ugly icons looking great! Also figured would give heads up for those downloading and installing. Remember to reboot after the install so will be in the menu. This is a more sophisticated program than many so have to give it that reboot time to be in the menu! WIll come up in the menu under Graphics.

I hope Noobslab never stops brilliance such as this! I have used countless suggestions, programs and themes to absolute perfection and constantly wish others will follow in such great things that are this dependable!!!


5 years ago

* Added filtering capabilities
* Added Humanity tcconf
* Added and fixed other small things

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