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Well, I made a few more splash screens from an old wallpaper I had lying around. However, I can't find the author of the wallpaper for the life of me. :( It is not my work and it was originally downloaded from Again, I am not the author and I take no credit for the work. If I can find (or if anyone knows) the original author of this work, I'd be more than happy to give them credit here. I hope no one is upset with me for using it. Anyway, I was just having some fun making some splash screens for myself, so I thought I would share them. :)

Edit: The author is Vinny. He goes by ~paintingnothing on deviantart. :)

To install:

To install a splash screen, first make sure amarok is closed. Then, just click the "download" link, save the .tar file to your computer, and right click and extract it somewhere. Then, just copy the splash_screen.jpg image you wish to use to ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/images (if the "images" folder doesn't exist, then just create it inside the amarok folder!). Should work! If you have amarok open and you replace the file, you'll have to restart it once or twice to get it to work. ;)


13 years ago

I moved this to the Splash Screen section. Please ensure to only post Amarok Themes to the related section.


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