Nvidia Geforce

KDE 3.x Splash Screens

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net



13 years ago

What I've posted on 'NvidiaKDE' is still valid:

When I start my PC, the nvidia-Logo appears before the Login-Prompt and bevor the splash screen. That is perhaps advertising or just the sign, that the graphic card is running correctly.

As long as I am the only one (perhaps beside my wife) in front of my PC, where I've installed the splash screen, it couldn't be advertising. Or would you say that I'm advertising myself? And even if I would put the monitor into the window, facing the street, how often/how long will the splash screen appear?



14 years ago

Nice Splash... Well I'm sure if ATI put the same Effort into linux drivers that Nvidia does people would go to the effort of making a cool splash. GNU/Linux needs corporate support be it in the corporates interest to make profit. Thats why there corporates. Support NVIDIA they support Open Source with there Drivers.



15 years ago

Evil big corporations are why you have a computer to put things on. Just because they desire a profit, doesn't mean they're bad.

I like this splash. Voting good.



15 years ago

I'll repeat the comment I posted on 'NvidiaKDE':

As much as I like nVIDIA graphics cards, I don't think we should advertise for them on our own computer, to us, willingly. After all, it's a corporation, and corporations (except non-profit foundations) exist for the sole purpose of making money. Look, this is tought at business schools:
The Three Laws Of Businesses:
First Law

A corporation will do anything within it's power to earn a profit, and will not, through inaction, allow any profit to be lost.
Second Law

A corporation will do anything it can to stay within ethical and legal boundries, provided this does not conflict with the First Law.
Third Law

A corporation will do anything it can to produce a good product, provided this does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

Again, I like nVIDIA as graphics and motherboard producer, but I don't think we should advertise for it on our own computers. I'm voting bad, sorry.



13 years ago

why should you care what people put on their pc's? If you dont like it dont download it. But to be honest its like telling a corvette owner not to put a vette logo on their pc. You own it the advertising is already done. Sheesh dude your mental. Get a life.


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