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Something I've been wanting to see in KDE PIM for some time is some kind of correspondance tracking... Allow me to explain..

I've very disorganised and forgetful, so I use Kontact all the time - however a lot of correspondance occurs via post and phone - all I'm looking for is some way of tracking these messages - ie. I get a letter (perhaps that needs a reply), I can log it in Correspondance tracking and mark it as needing a reply (perhaps it links to address in address book too), likewise with phonecalls (similar to how I might get in a CRM system).

Also some nice ideas for intgration - when I send an email in KMail I could tag it as reply expected, then if no reply comes I get a warning to chase it up.

KAddressbook would then allow me to see all correspondance with selected entry.

KTodo shows me phone calls/letters I need to write/make replies too.

Is this a reasonable suggestion to the KDEPIM team, or am I just being silly?

My programming skills amount to practically nill, but am willing to provide analysis, documentation, website and testing if there is interest in this as a project.

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