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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net

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Outreel is fast and esasy to use video
converter from Icefeast.its a beast ffmpeg
frondend for your linux system.you can
simple convert any videos into your
favourate one even in DVD format.
Download and enjoy OutReel...........


8 years ago

I see great potential in this and will defiantly be keeping an eye on it. It really provides an answer to a hole I've been wanting filled for a while now. I'm not sure I'd version it at 1.5.30, as it still needs some polishing up.

Problems I found on a quick run:

The pre-compiled .deb gives me "bash: /usr/bin/outreel: No such file or directory" when I try to run it from a console (nothing happens when I try it from the menu). The Outreel(root) menu opens a console asking for password. I didn't give it as there is no reason a video converter should ever need root access.
Your build instructions in the README.txt file don't work because there's no Makefile included with the source package. I had to load it in QT Creator to compile it.
You don't have a slot for your exit button. There is no way to exit gracefully.
Lastly, ffmpeg is deprecated, it even says so when you run it. Something you may want to fix before ffmpeg disappears.

Suggestions I have:

Replace ffmpeg with avconv. ffmpeg is going away to be replaced with avconf.
[li]Don't process the video immediately after loading it. On the first run, I loaded a video before setting any settings and the thing started trying to process it. It gave me a file with no extension containing only a CRC value. No idea where that came from.
Use 'MKV' instead of, or as well as, 'matroska' in the Container format drop down. It took me a while to find it just scanning over the entries. Also, don't name the file <filename>.matroska, use <filename>.mkv instead, or make it user selectable if there are people who prefer to use the whole name instead of the abbreviation. Ditto for the other formats if you do the same. I only tried matroska for the quick test run.
Are the 'Select Output Format' and 'Container Format' dropdowns really both needed? Seems a bit redundant to me.
This is a biggie - Do not hard code the preset file to somewhere needing root access to write. This is the whole purpose of the directory and permissions structure of *nix, and this is what the home directory is for. If I'm not mistaken, QT has build in functions for working with configurations between the Windows registry and the *nix ~/.config directory structures to make it seamless to the developer.

Once again, great work. I'll be using it as is and looking forward to future releases.




8 years ago

thaks for your advice...if you can modify it more usefully you can send it to me it would be a great help...


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